Chee Soon Juan and wife opening cafe at rochester mall.....

Dear all,

I have big and exciting news to share with you. Mei and I are opening a café. It’s called Orange & Teal and it’s at the Rochester Mall (see address below). We’ve been working on it for the past several months and it’s finally coming to fruition.

It’s been a long-term dream of ours to have a place where Singaporeans come together to not just have a great meal or have that heart warming cuppa, but a place where we get together with our loved ones and friends and get to know each other all over again. A place where intelligent discussion, even impassioned debate, takes place. A place where the conversation’s even better.

“Where the conversation’s even better” – I’ve got that engraved above the doorway.

Unfortunately, we are unable to be halal-certified at the moment but we will not be serving pork, lard or pork-related items. So, we hope that our Muslim friends will be able to join us. We will, however, be serving wine and beer (our glassware for alcohol will be kept separate).

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A few months ago, when I first started out, I wanted to get a 34/70 pack and try something Pilsner. At the end of fermentation, I take it out of the cellar for a few days, then put it in a keg. Leave the lager in the barrel for 8 weeks, then drink it. Since I have a fermentation chamber that I use for ale and lager, and for both, I set it to 64f. But my wife prefers alcohol free beers, so we often argue which I should start brewing first. Most of the time, it turns out that I have to brew alcohol-free beers.