Cleansing oil/lotion


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Hi, I would like to introduce you to a 100% uncut glacial clay mask that will turn back time for your skin.
The nutrients and rare glacial water in the mask help to reverse damage to your skin and supply the foundation for rebuilding age-defying collagen and elastin, leaving you the smooth, fresh, hydrated and radiant skin.

The ION factor is what differentiates our product from other glacial masks. The ION factor will remove the positively charged impurities from the skin effectively.
It is also a hypoallergenic product with no artificial scent and no paraben!

This mask comes from British Colombia and only available previously in Europe and Japan high end spas where one facial treatment costs USD 200. Now you can have the same results at an affordable price.

I would love to pass you a trial pack to experience the wonders of the mask and you get to see results after one use. Do let me know your location so I can send you the trial pack!


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My schedule very busy one, need work and take care of baby at the same time so I use this makeup remover which also completely cleanse my face :wong19:
Dunnid remove makeup then wash face again hahaha one step done! It's by Sara Shantelle, and been using it for years even before I deliver my baby


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Which brand are you using ? Do you prefer cleansing oil or lotion ?
Im using Fancl cleansing oil but thinking of changing cos I suspect it gives me bumps .
i like cleansing oil better.. some cleansers aer very harsh. i personally use the kose cleansing oil and its quite good. bought mine for ard 20+ at viimart.. cox they gave me a $10 discount when i registered :win:


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Used to use Innisfree cleansing oil but doesn't like that it gives my skin an oily feel. Now I'm using Huangjisoo Cleansing Oil that I bought from Feels milder and less oily.