Clear Blue Ovulation Kit


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Can anyone share with me how reliable Clear Blue Ovulation Kits are, and if I should buy one to try to increase my chances of conception this month?

Thank you for taking the time to reply if you can:001_302:

J Alexis

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Hello! I bought the ClearBlue Ovulation Predictor Kit. Used it twice (this month being the 2nd). Cannot comment on the effectiveness coz last month din conceive and this month is still waiting (AF is due this Sat but I think most likely not preg coz no symptoms at all :( )

But I think it's useful and worth buying esp if your cycles are irregular or if not sure when ovulation will happen. At least you have an idea when to "work" extra hard. :)


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I would want to try getting the Clear Blue Ovulation Kit too. I am trying to conceive but do not know when is the best time to get intimate.


Hi, in case anyone is interested, I have the following available:

High sensitivity ovulation strips (20 mIU) and pregnancy strips (10 mIU)
Clearblue Fertility Monitor and Monitor sticks
Clearblue Digital Ovulation (smiley face)
Clearblue Digital Pregnancy with Conception Indicator (tells no of weeks pregnant instead of just pregnant or not)
First Response Pregnancy (EARLY TESTING, test up to 6 days BEFORE missed period)
Special packages incl Pre-seed/Conceive Plus, Basal Thermometer also available.

** NEW: Clearblue ADVANCED Digital Ovulation is also available.

Fast delivery guaranteed and Next day delivery is also available for items in stock.

Please see for more details or email
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Hi ladies, I think it's very effective. I used in Feb this year to increase my chance of conceiving and b4 I know it I'm pregnant! I'm now mummy to a lovely 3 weeks old baby girl. I only used it once and me & hubby ML on the day I was tested 'fertile'
with the kit, not sure izzit coincidence though. But I think most important is u must keep track of ur menses cycle so that u know when to test, otherwise you will waste the test kit as it's very ex. Another way I read is to ML every 2 to 3 days during the period when u suspect u r ovulating, so that sperms r always inside your womb getting ready to fertilize any eggs tats released. Hope it helps! 


clearblue kit is not cheap.

any other way to find out ovulation period? :embarrassed:
I have just bought the Guardian brand ovulation strip at around $36 for 5 strips. About $7+ per strip. I think this is rather reasonable but don't expect immediate result like Clearblue brand. It stated you will have to wait between 1-5 mins for the result and I really waited for about 3mins or so.


i used the cheap ovulation strip to test first... if positive, I will use clearblue to double confirm the ovulation...

Clearblue is expensive and I feel heart pain when it comes out negative :(


i didnt have the chance to test mine out coz we discovered i was preggie before i used it, so selling the set i got cheap for others to try out! i prefer this coz even though its more expensive, it takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out if you are ovulating or not.

ive got a box of clearblue digital ovulation test kits (one month supply - 20 individually wrapped test kits), brand new, never used before. the box is a little banged up but the individually wrapped test kits are all in pristine condition. expires 06 2012.

selling for $30 (please add $2 for normal local postage)! a steal if you consider the price that it is selling for in watsons!!!

please send me an email at this link if you are interested, thanks!!


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Me too, i want to sell LH Ovulation Test and Pregnancy test (Strip)

Brand New Medex Pregnancy test card
Expiry date : > then 2 years
1 box : 1 pcs : $7.50
Left 10 box

Fortel Pregnancy test Kit
Expiry date :> 2 years
1 box - 1 pcs : $8.50
Left 3 box

Fortel LH Ovulation test kit
1 box - 5pcs : $34.50
Left 3 Box

PM me if interested
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hello, i am kind of confuse how the digital ovulution kit works. how do u test for ovulution? and it is reusable? not the stip.. its another type im refering..


I have extra One-Step Ovulation Test and One-Step Pregnancy Test available... Ordered too much when I was trying to conceive! Hee hee. So far both have been accurate for me... I've gotten my 2nd child afterall! Haha... Used to use the Clearblue digital ovulation kit, but realised I would have gone broke before I get my baby.

Letting go at S$0.60 per strip. If you get all from me, then I'll waive postage. PM if interested. :)


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Hi all, I have Clearblue Fertility Monitor Test Sticks - 21 sticks (individually packed) for use with the Fertility monitor.
Selling $2 per sticks. If you buy all 21 sticks, I can sell off at 40 dollars.

PM me or email me at


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Hello all,

I have the following to let go:

1. 1x Boots ovulation test kit (20 pcs) + 3 loose pieces - $40 (bought in London). Expiry: June 2015

2. 1x Guardian Ovulation test Kit (5 pcs) - $30. Expiry date: Jan 2015

3. 1x Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test Kit with Dual Hormone Indicator (8 loose pieces) - $30 (bought in London) *identifies the best 4 days to get pregnant naturally!* Expiry date: Nov 2014

4. 2x Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test Kit with Dual Hormone Indicator (10 pcs) - $35 each box (bought in London) *identifies the best 4 days to get pregnant naturally!* Expiry date: Nov 2014

5. 1x Ovulation Test kit from Dr Ann Tan's clinic (2 pcs) - $12 *popular gynae with clinic at Paragon* Expiry date: May 2014

Please PM me!