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was just u mummies/daddies still go clubbing n pubbing often? well, abt few weeks back, i started to go clubbing n pubbing with my old least once a week...but sumtyms i feel bad when i go cos like throw my baobei home let my parents take care n i go enjoy...but i really love to club! :wong29:

wad abt u mummies/daddies?

qiqi mama

hmmm i wana go clubbin but 1st mum dun hv time to take care for mi 2nd my bb stil young 3rd no $$$ haha but i stil llike clubbin~:wong29:


i wanted to but cant. Frankly speaking, i never been to any. My DH dont like me to go, no time, nobody take care bb, no $$$. How to go? :(


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I used to be a clubber too! But when i know my DH dun lyk to club when i know him so i quit it.. Till now..


meme! but not frequent.. wen was working onli more clubbing.. but now once a month thing.. reli miss danciingg!! wen wan club with me ting!! lolx


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I use to be a clubber too . But eversince got DS I've somehow stopped or rather say I seldom go clubbing . Those once every 1 month or once every 2 months . Have lost the interests in clubbing already . Unless , I need a break then go . :001_302::001_302::001_302:


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I also like to go clubbing but after having my son I only club once a while when my son go back to my parent's place. As parents, we also need to have our own personal time to destress so I think it's still fine for clubbing once a week.. Nothing to feel bad about. When kids are with grandparents they are being doted more than with parents cos grandparents tend to spoil the kid.. :Dancing_wub::001_302:


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I used to go clubbing aso but ever since got ds so no1 take care of him so cannot go liao lor.


Used to be pubber. But havent been drinking eversince preg. Now just stop bf so it's back to pubbing and drinking yay ! Lol.
I always wanted to try clubbing, but no1 bring me go..

Den dh came along.. super boring lor.. I cannot go to the dance floor.. 1 2 dance onli can dance infront of him.. Den if ppl accidently knock into me he kpkb... lol...

i jst went mos in june.... den mum kpkb... i wonder y.. nt everytime wat...

faster organise 1!! i 1 2 go!! haha....


I used to club often before preggie too.... now still got club lah... but not so often like mayb once or twice per mth or every 2mths... sometimes muz reli go n RELAX leh...:shyxxx:


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If i ask DH whether i can go clubbing now a not, sure kana spank buttie.

I miss clubbing a lot too. I wanna dance there. Sighs. I learnt New Jazz just to go clubbing one........ LOL


I used to club and drink like there's no tomorrow. But i've pass tat stage liao. now ask me go clubbing i'll feel very sian. i also stop drinking liao.

but... i still love zouk's mambo the best. once in a while, i'll still go.


ting, there's nothing to feel bad abt it lar.. we're still human.. and also young.. sometimes, we need some break too!!


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think have graduated the clubbing stage...but one in awhile i would love to.