Confinement center


Confinement centre is an ideal place for postpartum moms to stay and rest during their confinement period. Confinement centre provides proper nutrition meals, physical hygiene and good rest for postpartum moms. For newborns, there will be experienced confinement nannies to handle and take care of them in confinement centres, as opposed to the grandparents whose experiences are limited to the children/grandchildren they had.

Confinement Centre is the best choice for those couple who does not want to bother their parents or mother-in-law. Confinement centre is also a very good place for those who dont’t have extra space for a confinement nanny to stay in with them. It is also ideal for those could not find a trusted/recommended confinement nanny in advance.

Advantages of having confinement period in confinement centre:
1) Postpartum mom who decides to stay in confinement centre will not need to source for a trusted/reliable confinement nanny and end up with problematic ones who cannot communicate with them or leave halfway through the confinement month. The postpartum mom will be taken care of by the confinement nannies inside confinement centre and any problems they have can be resolved through the management in the center;
2) The postpartum mom will be given excellent and superior care by well trained and experienced confinement nannies within the confinement centre under the supervision of management in the center;
3) The confinement centre will always open their door for you regardless of your actual delivery date, whether it is much earlier or later than your expected date. The experienced confinement nannies will always be on standby for you 24 hours a day in the confinement centre;
4) The confinement centre will provide full support and assistance to postpartum mom for instant detailed information and facts, reading supplies for preparation list or even shopping list prior your delivery;
5) In confinement centre, everything had been included inside the chosen package, hence you are able to plan and arrange your finance properly and effectively;
6) In confinement centre, postpartum mom is not required to worry about what confinement meal to prepare for every single meal, what ingredients to buy & etc. Everything will be handled professionally by the confinement centre.
7) In confinement centre, every meals are well researched and prepared with a variety of choices everyday according to the different stages of recovery after confinement;
8) In confinement centre, postpartum mom and newborns are going to be taken care of by the confinement nannies 24 hours every day.
9) In confinement centre, your requests will be attended to immediately by the confinement nannies.
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