Confinement lady willing to travel to USA


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Hi everyone!

I'm hoping to get some recommendations via this forum as we have been trying to find a confinement lady for a while now and have not had much success.

We are looking for a confinement lady who is willing to travel to America late Dec for a month. I am a Singaporean living in Los Angeles and will be due on 29 Dec. My mom will be coming over to help with my newborn but we are hoping to find a good confinement lady who can help cook and take care of the baby as well.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!


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Hi MomLyN,

I am in the same situation as you were :). I'm a Singaporean based in the U.S. and my EDD is June 15. I am looking for a confinement nanny. Please kindly share with me your contact if you were able to secure one (I really hope you did). I also hope you are enjoying your baby now!

Best Wishes,


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Hi Teresa!

Congratulations! Unfortunately, after a lot of searching and interviewing, we decided not to engage a confinement lady. My mom helped out with cooking and with the baby and on hindsight, I am actually kinda glad we did not have a confinement lady i.e. more comfortable for us without having a stranger live with us for a month. Are you based in LA? If so, there are confinement food delivery services that you can consider. We did consider one confinement food delivery service here in LA. If you are keen, let me know and I'll be glad to share more. And if I am not mistaken, I believe there are confinement ladies in the SGV area as well.

The potential confinement ladies that I did manage to find are mostly Malaysian nationalities and we did not really want to deal with the visa part of it, and it seems a lot of the confinement ladies are not willing to come to America too, mainly because of the visa. And we did not really want a local Chinese confinement lady because of cultural differences, so after some consideration, we decided not to go with the confinement lady route after all. And it worked out for us.

All the best!



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Hello Lyn,

Thank you for your well-wishes and for sharing your experience. Mums are the best and you're so lucky and blessed to have your mum helping you :). I'm based in Atlanta, and there is one confinement food delivery service here so I'll explore that option.

I agree, my search has led me to either nannies in LA or Malaysia. Malaysian nannies who have the 10-year visa tend to cost more, so the total cost for both options including red packet, flights, travel insurance etc. is estimated at around SGD$10K or more. Such a hefty sum to pay for a month :\.

Agree with the cultural differences. I'm English-speaking so it was exhausting making phone calls to mainland Chinese/ Taiwanese nannies who would make really extended small talk/ conversation... Not forgetting the different palate.

I'm still exploring my options and am appreciative to have someone else who understands this *stressful* situation I'm in. But at the end of the day, I rejoice for the gift of a bundle of joy :).


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Hi Teresa,

I totally hear you. I'm pretty much the same way, English speaking and interviewing candidates was rather exhausting for my limited vocabulary. lol

At the end of the day, do what will make you and your spouse comfortable. I would also suggest that you get maybe a part-time helper to help with laundry, house cleaning etc if you are unable to get someone to help you with the baby for the first month or so. It'll take a load off you and your spouse.

You can do this! And don't stress too much about it. You got this! :)


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Hi, you can try my prevoius CL- Aunt Xin Hua

1. She is friendly, caring,patient person and have a great experience in doing confinement for mummies.

2. Cooks really delicious and variety confinement food and soup ( black beans, etc) to increase my milk supply. She prepares meals for my hubby too. She will also prepare herbal soup.

3. Cooks red dates drink daily and also boils herbal water for showering.

4. Most importantly, she is very patient with my baby. My baby is very difficult to take care But she has been very patient all this while.

5. Supportive of bf and encourages me to let baby latch on more often
to create more breast milk.

I am grateful to have her to help me take care of bb and me. She was
experienced to take care twin babies as well. I did recommended to my colleagues and friends.

Most importantly, she will take good care of you and the baby which is her main duty and responsibility.

Her contact no is +65 9069 9570 (Sg) or +6012 643 8655 (mal). You can contact her to know more details and the rate.

Price is reasonable too. Hurry mommy, book her before she is booked
by others.

Cheers !!