Coronavirus: I am for the closing of all schools in Singapore

As the COVID-19 crisis grows increasingly severe in Singapore, a vigorous debate over whether the G should close all schools rages on.

On one hand, we have people who are adamant that schools should indeed be shut down, reason being that children end up unnecessarily exposed should lessons in the physical classroom continue during this pandemic. And it's irresponsible to put their lives at risk.

On the other, there are those who vehemently oppose such a suggestion because that they hail from dual income families (ie both husband and wife are breadwinners); alternative arrangements to care for their children would probably have to be made at the expense of taking last minute no-pay leave, company management's approval notwithstanding.

Both camps have merits in their arguments. Then again, if I really had to choose between them, I would go along with closing all schools just to play safe.

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