Cost of Vaccine/Immunization in SG from 0-12mos old baby.

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  1. tanya1109

    tanya1109 New Member

    Hi Mommies,

    Please share your experiences on how much it cost for each of the following vaccine here in singapore.

    • Birth- Hepatitis B
    • 1-2 months- hepatitis B
    • 2 months- DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine, Hib vaccine, polio vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV)
    • 4 months- DTaP, Hib vaccine, polio vaccine, PCV.
    • 6 months- DTaP, Hib, polio (6-18 months), PCV, hepatitis B (6-18 months)
    • 12 months- MMR (12-15 months), Hib (12-15 months), chicken pox (12-18 months), PCV (12-15 months)
    • 15 months- DTap (12-18 months)

    Comments will be greatly appreciated.
  2. lyra

    lyra Member

    It varies. You should call the children clinics to ask. Polyclinic is the cheapest. I brought baby to polyclinic. 5 in 1 is about $80+.
  3. tanya1109

    tanya1109 New Member

    Thanks Mommy lyra! Your a big help. Do you know any polyclinic around Pasir sir?
  4. lyra

    lyra Member

  5. tanya1109

    tanya1109 New Member

    ^wonderful. Thanks!
  6. pmcheng

    pmcheng Member

    Wow.. $80+ at polyclinic.. How about private at NUH? My son is going for his 2mth jab next week..
  7. Rukia

    Rukia Member

    I am abit confused, hope some kind mummy can enlighten me.

    I called up the polyclinic and was told 5-in-1 package is $320; 6-in-1 is $360; MMR is complimentary.

    How many times do we need to visit the doc for injection?

    I called up Temasek Medical as well and was told 5-in-1: $95/dose ; 6-in-1: $120/dose (~3 visits required). May incur consultation charges.
    So does it works out to be the same as polyclinic package?

    We can use medisave only for pneumococcal and Hep B vaccination? The 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 we can only use CDA not medisave?
  8. lyra

    lyra Member

    Hi Rukia, I guess the pediatrician package is more expensive if you add in consultation and check ups but otherwise the jab prices is the same as polyclinic. Yup we can use CDA to pay for the 5 in 1 and 6 in 1. Hep B can use medisave. I'm not sure whether 5 in 1 or 6 in 1 can use medisave.
  9. Rukia

    Rukia Member

    Hi Lyra,

    Are we able to claim the consultations and checkup charges from cda or only cash?
  10. lyra

    lyra Member

    My baby went for consultation and vaccine at 3 months at polyclinic and I paid all using CDA, so I guess consultation can be paid using CDA.

  11. Rukia

    Rukia Member

    Hi Lyra,

    Thanks for the info :)
  12. MummyJan

    MummyJan New Member


    I juz brought my boy to polytechnic for his 2nd 5 in 1 vaccination ystd, jab + consultation all $88+. 1st vaccination cost also ard $80+, abt few dollars cheaper as compared to 2nd. All paid by CDA.
    *Hope my info helps ;)
  13. wamy

    wamy Member

    what is CDA?
  14. CDA - Child Development Acount, you can open your account from either standard chartered or OCBC.

    I went to The kid's clinic near my mum place for my baby vaccination. It's really very expensive. Took the 6in1 package that cost $497.50, rotavirus at $105.90 and going to take pneumococcal at $180.80. All prices included of consultation, development assessment and GST.

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