COUCOU Singapore -Taiwanese hotpot & bubble tea @ Suntec City & Jewel Changi Airport

If you thought Singapore's hotpot scene has already frothed to an absolute feverish zenith given a considerable passel of incumbent players along the likes of Hai Di Lao, Shi Li Fang etc entrenched on our shores, think again. Famed dining chain Coucou (湊湊, est. 2016), which boasts nearly 200 branches throughout Beijing, Shanghai as well as Hong Kong, steamrolled into town late last year, having erected culinary bastions within three major shopping malls (Suntec City, Jewel Changi Airport, i12 Katong) thus far and appears ravenous for more.

Shepherded under the aegis of publicly listed conglomerate Xiabu Xiabu Catering Management, Coucou is a mid/high-end F&B concept steeped in offering Taiwanese-style hotpot in tandem with markedly varied teas. Potheads can choose between seven epic enough soup bases, then perhaps go barmy whilst ordering 'em top grade meats cum immaculate seafood salmagundis for some swimmingly ebullient times.

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