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    Jessica Alejandro is an author offering a 5 session creative writing crash course to Primary School students. Her course will include

    -Plot development and suspense
    -Power of Description, Emotions and Settings
    -Adverbs and Adjectives
    -Effective Introductions and Conclusions

    Please contact her at : 91561468 for more details.

    Jessica has been teaching publicly and privately for over 13 years. Her teaching experience include conducting enrichment classes in Creative writing, Public Speaking, Speech and Drama and Choral Speaking. Her writing career began when she was commissioned by EPH to write Model Composition books for Primary 1 to 6. Jessica’s debut novel “The Singapore Kid” won the Popular Readers Choice Award 2011 and was shortlisted for the Prestigious Hedwig Anuar Children’s book award in 2011 as well. Her 2nd novel “Extraordinary Losers-Operation Pants on Fire” was also shortlisted for the Hedwig Anuar in 2013. This Series is soon to be on TV in 2017. Jessica is currently embarking on her 5th book in the Extraordinary Losers Series. Through interactive workshops and assembly talks, she actively promotes fun reading and writing to children in Singapore schools.

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