Crypto Mining


Hi there
This is my latest work

Is this what happened after we clicked the “Mint” button of NFT on the Foundation?
I’m trying bring this artwork on Foundation,
How do you think?

Model all sculpt in Zbrush.
Texturing get done in Substance painter.
Yes, you are right about many things, but I invested money in cryptocurrency to make money on it quickly. I managed to do this about a year ago, now I am investing my funds in absolutely other projects that will bring me much more money.


I think it's a great job, and you have talent. If you continue to develop in NFT, thanks to such work, you will earn considerable money. Especially now, NFT is still relevant, and many people invest a lot of money in this area. There is a demand for it, and it's excellent for you. I don't know much about NFT, and I've never been particularly interested in it. I am mainly involved in investing in the cryptocurrency market and understand all this work's subtleties. And by the way, many people say that now it is impossible to earn money on cryptocurrency and NFT because the cryptocurrency market is dead, but read about interest rates and go to this site -- you will change your mind.