Cryptocurrency talk about best options today


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Lol, what different indicators were in 2018, and what they are now ! It's quite fascinating to follow... And even better if I bought a crypt then


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Ha ha, that's right! In fact, it's a pity that I didn't buy the crypt back then, too :( Although it's still not too late I guess. Now I am studying and learning a lot about cryptocurrency


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For example recently a friend of mine recommended me on which I can mine bitcoin directly on the Internet. I was interested in it and now I'm doing it. However, I still don't know a lot about cryptocurrency and everything related to it. I am very interested in that area and I try to absorb more and more information about it.
I agree with the commentator above, it is interesting to see how the indicators have changed since 2018! Especially when now bitcoin is in the region of 60-70 thousand and varies in such numbers. It's very funny! I think that soon bitcoin will start to grow even more. And in the future, it will become one of the main currencies on the planet. At least I hope so.


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Today, the cryptocurrency market is very unstable and does not believe in this expression of best options. If you look closely, there are cryptocurrencies that have started to rise in price, but many did not even believe in them. For example, it would be dogecoin. Obviously, the safest cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, because they already have some market position and have achieved a higher value compared to other cryptocurrencies. I personally only invested in Ethereum and so on. Other cryptocurrencies do not see what would be safe and would be with a good prospect in the future.


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Dogecoin dropped significantly today. It's a bearish winter sonata period for crypto. It could be a long winter til end year yet experts were bullish that Bitcoin may hit high into 100s. It's volatile, unpredictable and crazy.


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Of all the cryptocurrencies, there are only two that I trust now. Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ethereum has only recently come to my attention. A Russian programmer made something similar to bitcoin. Before that, no cryptocurrency could reach even a hundred dollars. Also, DogeCoin sometimes goes up in price, but not for long. It needs to be watched closely. Other new cryptocurrencies do not interest me. I don't trust them. Especially after the OneCoin case. When its founder created the whole world. As for sites, I can send you the top of the best sites for following crypto signals.