Current school teachers for POA/D&T tuition,including all Primary and Secondary subj.


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We are a group of current school teachers providing 1 to 1 home Tuition (Group/Individual) in Singapore for all levels (including specialised subjects like POA, Design and Technology ['NA', "not" and 'O' level themes released on 14th Jan 2013] for Upper Secondary).

English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese for Primary levels.
English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, D&T for Lower Secondary.
English, E/A Mathematics, Chinese, Pure Physics/Chemistry/Biology, Combined Science, POA, Design and Technology for Upper Secondary.

Our POA tutor graduates with an accounting degree from Nanyang Business School.
She holds a record of 8 years as a private accountant and another 11 years as a current POA teacher in local Secondary school. Her students’ grades were known to jump from F9 to A2 within a span of 3-5 months.

Interested please kindly email to us :

Please kindly indicate your location, level, subjects involved, current school, most recent results, available days and timing, no. of hours per session, no. of sessions per month, 1 to 1 or you have a group of 2 or more students per session, hourly rate that you can offer.


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D&T by experienced current secondary school teacher

Wanna Ace your D&T Coursework? Please PM me if you know someone who is interested. Thank you!

Ever encounter the problem of what to sketch in your D&T A3 coursework? Ever felt short of 1,2 or 3 grades to get into your desired school/course? Based on my experience as a D&T teacher I have methods to assist you to score an A1 for D&T.

Feel free to consult me every session counting on per hour basis. I will give you advises on how to better prepare yourself for the coursework. As long as you are willing to work hard for your studies, together, I will give you my best knowledge to get the results that you desire. I hope that getting a good grade for your D&T, it'll reduce a portion of your stress with the other subjects you are taking.

REWARDS SYSTEM: This listing can also be a lookout for your friend/relatives etc... If he or she that you referred to me has attend 6 hours of my lesson, there will be a one time of $20 given out to you as a referral bonus. We will keep in contact through PM where you provide me with all the details. Thanks! Feel free to private message me here and enquire more about it.

Thank you and have a nice day!:)

Whatsapp : +65 91529962

email :