Hi Mummies,
I'm looking for a cheap and reliable contacts to make curtains for new home (budget blown with Reno). Amy recommendations pls ?

Thanks a lot


one of our members here does curtains

her nick is, u can send her a PM to ask her on the pricing and details.

$$ comes with quality, so if u r looking for custom made curtains there has to be some cost associated with labour and workmanship which cannot be compared to those ready made ones.

If u r really really on tight budget, suggest u buy ready made curtains, a pair only costs $50 to $60, Giant, NTUC at AMK Hub and SPOTLIGHT all have nicely designed ones.

and u need drill up the Curtain rods and such. More like a DIY.
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Hi Cheyenne,

If you dun mind, perhaps you can advise me what is your budget & how many curtains do you need, I can recommend a reliable contact for you. :)
Recently done my blinds and curtains by curtain Singapore.

Their appointment was late by 20 minutes but overall service is good.

I am looking to do my office roller blinds now. If any has good contact pm me thanks.

Mike Daddy



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My hubbie is just starting to go into the outdoor sales job selling curtains...The company is established with years of experience and experience workers. I could schedule a non-obligation meeting for you, and get him to give you a quote... Sure cheaper than market rate as he'll be sacrifacing his commission to gain experience in this trade. Haha..

By the way, I used to be an interior designer before I became a sahm, would be able to tag along and offer you some professional tips on choosing your curtains if you don't mind. :tlaugh:

Have dropped you an PM, contact me if you're keen! :001_302:


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hi mummy
u can try mr chew... got this contact from reno forum..
tried his service... i must say he's really good.
not just reasonable price, but good service...
u can pm me for his contact if you like...


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Selling off 5 ikea curtain rod sets at $45.
Complete set with wall fittings, curtain rod and finials; ready to mount. 120-210cm, retractable
BESKÅDA Curtain rod set - 120-210 cm - IKEA

With the purchase, giving away
Double wall fitting worth $6 to create double layers of curtains; use two curtain rods with the wall fitting.
BESKÅDA Double wall fitting - IKEA
Also, giving away Screw with plug worth $8.
Galvanized steel; protects against corrosion. When there are no screws and plugs left, you can use the box for storing small things.
FIXA 260-piece screw and plug set - IKEA

All new, bought already but to go for custom made curtain.
Collection in Punggol only.
Call 96956090.


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was searching for curtain that time and come accross reno some research online and decide to go with soonsengheng base on a positive feedback on the net.. Indeed, overall is pleasant 1 and the sincerity they have shown.

No harm trying . Sofa Upholstery Singapore | Curtains Singapore | SoonSengHeng

this young couple give out reasonable price and advise what you can do to save cost if you have budget. but ultimately, you want dirt cheap curtains. the best still go ikea or off the shelf kind.

Can try engaging them. Good luck!
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Hi Mummies,
I'm looking for a cheap and reliable contacts to make curtains for new home (budget blown with Reno). Amy recommendations pls ?

Thanks a lot
Actually I changed all the curtain to vertical blinds in my house and I see some advantages:
1. it is less dusty
2. more comfortable
I changed it a couple of years ago and as I remember the [url=]blinds price[/URL] was pretty good, so if you want that company contacts dm me :)