Hi all mummies!

I used to cycle to work previously. Now my hubby is thinking of resuming cycling again.

I'm at 13weeks now. Do you think it will be ok? Haven't had the chance to ask my gynae yet as the appt will be in two weeks' time.

Any idea? I read up that cycling is not advisable if the mummy is not used to it, due to the balance required.


Cycling itself is ok per se, but it's the effects of cycling that can pose a problem.

What if you fall? what if there's accident? what are the chances of falling and accident compared to... walking or taking the cab?

It's all common sense.. Would you really want to risk it?


It's okay to do cycling while you are pregnant but do it in moderation and do not exhaust yourself too much coz it may cause you some health problems. Do it just to release stress out from your system. :)