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Discussion in 'Eye Care Beauty' started by mstan, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. mstan

    mstan Member

    I've dark eye circle, any recommend products to reduce it?
    Anyone uses Bio-essence (the gold color one)..
  2. jclee

    jclee New Member

    I never try Bio-essence before but i can recommed u this product call Artistry Eye cream. I'm using it right now and i feel its not to bad, mayb u can give it a try. This product cannot be found at any counter, but if u r really interested, i can recommed a frend to you. Wish u luck!!

  3. Lovely Coach

    Lovely Coach New Member

    used clarins product but no improvement ... now macam panda ald la :nah:
  4. islynn

    islynn New Member

    :Dancing_wub:Hi there,

    Yep, i've tried artistry eye cream too but now im using beauticontrol microderm eye-e-xel, not too bad a product thou'.
  5. i have bad eye circles too ... don't think there are any products that can improve it so ... considering going for botox. ekhehkekhee
  6. Lovely Coach

    Lovely Coach New Member

    botox can reduce dark circle ? but botox very ex leh .... :nah:

  7. botox is injection of collagen right? i'm assuming that this will improve blood circulation in the area & thus lighten dark circles considerably.

    but actually i'm not too sure myself. aiyah ... whichever cosmetic procedure will cure my pandaness lah!

    it's okay about the money. what are DHs for? :wong3:plus ... can always save up first mah
  8. veronica

    veronica Active Member

    I also have...since school days..now my trademark...I think no cure la...just use concealer lor..
  9. LadySilver

    LadySilver Member

    i think it really hard to lighten, i tried the expensive La Mer eye balm, it doesn't help at all, and it didn't even helps in moisturising, still got obvious fine lines.. :(
  10. Mab0oLine

    Mab0oLine Member

    How is Artistry Eye cream nt bad??
  11. veronica

    veronica Active Member

    I think even buy expensive cream also no use leh..
  12. baby2008

    baby2008 Member

  13. Mab0oLine

    Mab0oLine Member

    It is e shisedo eye mask huh??

    hw much is it??
  14. Djammie

    Djammie New Member

    Hi, I used to have a very bad case of eyes 'luggagees'. You name is, I've used it. 6 months ago I started using the Artistry Replenishing Eye Cream and Vitamin C/Wild Yam Treatment. Absolutely fab. Family and friends culd see the diff. My sister who had the same problem is now using the same. She loves it. :001_302:
  15. Velvenie

    Velvenie Member

    Dear Mummies,

    Anyone who is interested in knowing more the Artistry products may drop me a msg or sms me @ 81805709. I have been using this products for fews years le... Very good results:red:
  16. hnfarin

    hnfarin New Member

    Hi galz, this artistry eye cream thing is amway product right? izzit expensive, not much $$ to spend to look pretty le leh, any idea it took how long to kinda solve d prob?
  17. valeriegoh

    valeriegoh Guest

    Am using Clinique's All About Eyes Rich.. super good for dark circles and fine lines! Bought several pots during a sale.. anybody interested can pm me :D
  18. dejonthompson

    dejonthompson New Member

    Well, dark is the major problem face by most off the people. Cut the fresh figs in half and place them under the eyes. Keep for 15-30 minutes and rinse with warm water. You should drink tomato juice with some mint leaves, lemon juice and salt.
  19. Hi,

    Try Element Products.

    Oxyginberry Essence
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  20. rhay

    rhay Member

    itz doesnt workz for me..

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