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Of ya.. N if you work long enough with your employer, you may like to take a small loan from them be it privately or through company


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diza:698974 said:
Why doc ask for c-sect? Was ur baby under stress? I was lucky that my gynae and the rest of the staff were patience. Otherwise I think my gynae also ask to do c-sect. But I guess there's a blessing in disguise y ur wife had to undergo c-sect. Anyway don't worry so much Abt the bill.. Govt wants us to make babies right so if they make noise u never pay or whatsoever, can "shoot" them. Lol.. Anyway, strollers and other misc stuff like car seat all I haven buy. Donno want to buy or not. Take things slow.. Children are gift from God and they bring us luck.. and He wouldn't give us a child if He knows we can't handle them right?
Mmm its for the best for mum and child after 12 hrs still can't dilate and wife abt to give up alrdy so ya c sect...


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felicity:699007 said:
Yup take things slow.. My bb 1+ mth le.. So far haven't used stroller or bb car seat.. All put there gather dust only.. Like I mentioned, last time my parents nv even buy stroller n survived w 2 kids :) anyone passing things down to u?
yeah some baby clothes, sterliser :)


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halo ;)

Hey all hope u all are doin well, was wondering if anyone have any good carrier to intro for 3mths up...


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Re: hello!

Hi luckymum.
Was just reading your post and would like to know how to access buzzy tots & mummy's corner?
Have some items to give away or sell cheap. Would appreciate it if you could add me please.
Many thanks!