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Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by mae, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. mae

    mae Active Member

    While doing this thread now I am having the Diamond Peel Facial. What is Diamond Peel - this kind of facial exfoliates your skin by using multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vaccuming the top-most layer of the skin. It helps to improve uneven skin coloring and aging spots, superficial acne scars, sun-damaged sking and aging fine lines, dry rough skin and large pores. This procedure only last for 20-30 minutes.

    My friend from Philippines came over to introduce this kind of facial here in Singapore. TM Spa Europa Skinea was recognized as the Most Outstanding Facial Care Centers in Philippines.

    If you are interested please PM me.

  2. mae

    mae Active Member

    Diamond Peel Promo from $50 only

    anyone interested just PM me.

    Mae :)

    Sorry to inform everyone that this promo is closed. Will keep you posted!
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  3. angtan

    angtan Member

    I do not like machine facial, prefer personal touch.
  4. spoonie

    spoonie Member

    i did diamond peel in jean yip before... am very impressed
    my skin become so clean and the blackheads are gone!
    but very expensive... costed me ard $100 per session :(
  5. XiaoXue

    XiaoXue Member

    I did my diamond peel @ slimming centre.. can't really remember how much it cost.. think it abt $300 for 6 sessions too~! and it's really good~!! :wong19:
  6. tiziana

    tiziana Member

    i heard before tt once u go for facial, u have to keep goin if not the face will detiorate a lot. not sure but anyone came across this?
  7. maine78

    maine78 Member

    I've heard about this before but i also dunno how true is it.
  8. one of my frenz went to do the diamond peel facial, & her skin is so much clearer & better now.
    very smooth..

    but not cheap..
  9. hmm, i dont think so..
    if u tk cr of ur skin.

    cos i went for facial twice, & stop going since..
    my skin is still somehow the same....

    but i m nt sure abt the diamond peel facial.
  10. jmtlam

    jmtlam New Member

    Did diamond peel once. Don't see any difference leh. Probably bec' I've got too much pigment after my no 3 and that was two years back when my condition is realy bad. Now slightly lighten. Hmm... If its really that good, would like to try again. So mae, can PM me your contact. Thanks.
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  11. mae

    mae Active Member

    I'm sorry but my friend went back to Philippines already. I will keep you all posted if she will be here again. :)

  12. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    What's diamond peel about ? A machine type of facial ?
    Can someone elaborate explain to me ? Thks .
  13. mae

    mae Active Member


    Yes it is a machine facial...as what i have mentioned in my no.1 post...it has a wand connected to the machine. looks like a small pipe actually that has a rounded tip which is a multi-degree diamond tip (contains diamond dust) which vacuums all the dirt of your face and also scrubs off the dead skin. gently peels off your dead skin if i may describe it.

    The diamond peel also varies to your skin type. Of course if your face has lots of blemishes & pimples it will take lots of sessions to see the effect. But for those good looking faces already, once a month session may do so.
  14. CynCyn

    CynCyn Active Member

    Awww ! So u can actually buy the machine and use it at home or need a beauty consultant to do for you ? I regret not purchasing from u then . Ididnt knw what it was .
  15. mae

    mae Active Member


    no, you cannot buy the machine if you are not a license dermatologist. My friend told me that there are different types of diamond peel machine. Her's is a portable machine but for those who are in salons & other facial care centers, they have this big machine which also includes other services other then diamond peeling.
  16. Celina

    Celina Member

    i have tried it wen it jus started but i feel very dry on my skin.
  17. MummyGrace

    MummyGrace Member

    I oso try it b4 in fact i do it mtly, mine do it at spa. I paid ard $800 but hav 20 sessions, coz i regular member mah,so quite worth it. It reali clear all the dirty dirt and cells, they will show u.. eek.. Reali gd!! :red:I can even mixed to do body massage with treatment.
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  18. jmtlam

    jmtlam New Member

    What's the name of the SPA? Can PM me?
  19. mmy_lizz

    mmy_lizz Member

    hi mae..really interested with the diamond peel.. let me know when yr fren comes back to sg.also, anyone can recommend me spa which does tis?? so long nvr go facial.. sigh.. no time.. but wanna make time
  20. Michelleccn

    Michelleccn New Member

    Special Promotion: $38 Diamond Peel Facial Therapy Promotion Senses Beauty LLP
    Contact Beauty Specialist, Michelle Lap at 9060 1611 or 6789 3558 for appointment <Blk 474 Tampines Street 43 #01-100 Singapore 520474>

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