Diaper rash


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My son has diaper rash ever since I start giving him EBM. I'm not sure is it due to poor handling of EBM. I have low supply, thus I will consolidate the whole day supply to freeze end of day or leave in the fridge for next day consumption. Wonder is it the way I handle causes bacteria to enter and causes my son having poo poo all day.I used to latch on thus he shouldn't have any issue with breast milk.Any mummies encounter this? My son butt now super red T_T


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U shd apply some coconut oil on rashes..thesis really helpful .. Some time it happens BCz of so much poo....


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rashes are caused by not frequently changing the poo & pee too. Diaper cream will help ease the rash (you may wish to try desitin) & airing the bottom for a period of time


It could be just a coincidence. I use desitin and it's good in getting rid of the diaper rash. Change diaper often and apply desitin cream regularly. My son poo poo a lot too and I bf directly. If you r worried, make sure you wash your hands with soap before you handle the bottles.

Just to add... when you consolidate whole day's supply, you leave the supplies in bottles inside the fridge. If you are doing that then its fine.


Apply diaper rash cream to get rid of the diaper rash..
U may want to apply a barrier cream each time you change diaper.. I am using mustela barrier cream everytime i change my ds diaper.. so far so gd..
Re: Diaper rash

Rashes come from sweat, come from always poo, or in the diaper maybe not compatible, before i used powder against diaper rush ,but its not working so i prescribe to the doctor, and the doc say its better to apply cream.
[h=2]Re: Diaper rash[/h]Its consider that is from diaper what she used, so just apply any ointment or cream,or it can be powder against diaper rush to prevent more problems.