Diarrhea and Sore bottom

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  1. shespice

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    Hi mummies, has any one of you experience a time when baby has diarrhea that diaper changing has to be done so many times until baby's bottom becomes really red and sore to the extent of like blisters? How/what else can be done to help in situation since we still need to change frequently and clean but each time baby will be in such pain coz of raw skin :(. My baby goes to infant care and they change diapers every 2 hours or more in such cases but because of that, my baby's bottom is raw now. Heartache to see baby is pain to the extent that she becomes so scared of nappy changing......
  2. tinkerball

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    perhaps u can try cleaning baby up in the bathroom with warm water instead of cleaning with wet wipes. as there is constant rubbing of the wipes from the skin naturally the skin got thinner and painful. my son used to poo 4 to 5 times at one point and skin is all red from all those cleaning so i decided to wash him up instead. saves on the tissue wipes as well.
  3. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    My girl has been having diarrhea since Friday. It was quite bad last night that we had to change her diaper 3-4 times. Her bottom was really very red and sore, never seen it before.

    The doctor prescribed a diaper rash cream, but I heard that Desitin is a great nappy rash cream to use so you might want to try and get that.

    Also, doctor advised against using baby wipes as the chemicals might aggravate the situation. Best is to just use plain water to rinse off. Today when we washed her bottom it was painful for her!

    But I guess at infant care they can only do so much because of the number of babies they have to look after. Maybe can get hold of the Desitin cream or a nappy rash cream other than the pink Pureen brand.

    Also, when she is at home you can air her bottom for 10-15min.

    Hang in there, i see my girl's bottom also very heart pain. :(
  4. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    if ur baby is at home, use warm water to clean her butt instead of wet wipes.. tt's what i usually do.. save money and gentle on butt...

    desitin is a very good nappy cream! my pd's clinic sells desitin too.. last time when ds was younger, we tried GAIA for many days (ard 1 week) but the redness is still there but aft we switch to desitin, less than 24hrs, the redness subside alrdy...

    btw, did u bring ur girl to a pd since she's been having diarrhoea?
  5. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    ds tried the pink pureen one b4 cos TMC gave us a tube upon discharge. it caused him to hav red red butt... like monkey's butt lik tt... haha...
  6. shespice

    shespice Member

    yeah, i wash her bottom when i change diapers whether pee or poo when i am home with her. I dont't usually use wipes. sometimes i also use water and cotton wool. but unfortunately at infant care i think they use wipes more often i guess. my gal loves to bath but eversince she got this sore bottom she would scream so much when i bring her to bathroom for a wash since last weekend and til today. today i did my best to air her bottom as much as i can but because of diarrhea, a few accidents and it got a little messy :p yes very heartache coz when i was looking after her during my maternity leave, she never got any rash. so sad :(. Yes am using Desitin now.
  7. shespice

    shespice Member

    yeah i did coz she is having fever also.....sigh...all things come together. the pediatrician advised to just wash it down instead of using wipes also and she also recommended Desitin. i am now concern how she gonna be when i send her to infant care again. today i took leave to care for her but one day i can only do so much and when she's back at infant care, the whole cycle start again. this is the first time i have seen her bottom so sore....waaah.....so painful :((
  8. shespice

    shespice Member

    by the way mummies, what can we feed baby when having diarrhoea coz i realised when i feed her, immediately it comes out! then i tried to let her drink so that she won't get dehydrated but she doesn't seem to want to drink and appetite also drop. some more she got fever.
  9. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    is it possible to inform the teachers and request them to use water + cotton wool to wipe instead of wet wipes? btw, since her diarrhoea is so severe, did pd mention anything?? cos diarrhoea immediately aft drinking is not good... like what u said, might be dehydrated...
  10. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    me i wld wash my babys bottom with baby soap n water after she poos as her poo has been so watery over 1 month.Then i apply lots of nappy rash cream..so far so gd.
  11. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    So far redness seems to subside, but it's so red and sore that whenever we go and wash her bottom she will scream in pain. Poor girl. I am trying to give her water but her appetite has decreased. Hopefully she'll get better...
  12. chelle

    chelle Member

    Aiyo, poor girl...
    My boy had diarrhoea too when he was on antibotics last time.
    PD prescribe a medicine to apply on his bum in addition to Desitin. So we apply that yellow tube of cream (cannot remb the name) follow by Desitin.
    Also to wipe bum using cotton n water instead of wipes.
    Maybe you can bring ur girl to PD again to assess the condition
  13. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    yeah wash with warm water instead. with a tiny bit of soap.
    apply diaper rash cream (not too much, just a thin layer is good enuf).
    then pat some baby powder on.
    sometimes when im changin pin diaper (when she have reddish butt) i will lightly blow arnd the area, gives her a cooling effect. and she likes it. :)

    u can also apply some aloe vera gel instead of diaper cream. :)
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  14. shespice

    shespice Member

    The pediatrician gave an antiseptic wash which could be used to bathe and to soak baby's bum. also got an antibiotic cream to apply and a numbing cream also. Yes like what most of you said, to wash with water instead of using wipes. So far the two red patches is on her bum improving since the 3days of me stay being home and letting bum dry for longer period, it has improved but am afraid when i send her again to infant, it may aggrevate again.....but not much choice coz gotta go back to work.
  15. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    inform the teachers to keep her butt dry n check on her often.
  16. capricon

    capricon New Member


    Pls bring your child to a chinese sinseh asap, as Chinese medicine will help to stop the diarrhea and improve her digestion. don't delay cos it will get worse. If you need chinese sinseh contacts, pls pm me.
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  17. roosepuss

    roosepuss New Member

    Hey Shespice,
    My baby who is now going to two years old always have diaper rash whenever we change 5 minutes late after she done her business. I tried every single item in the market and realised that the method my mom use is the best method to help with diaper rash and sore bottom. Corn starch is the trick. If you are weary to use the proper corn starch flour I suggest Purren corn starch powder which you can buy at Kiddy Palace, Giant etc. If she already have a red sore on her bottom, wash her with warm water instead of baby wipes..air her for 5 minutes then apply Zarin cream which was recomended to me by my paeditrician then corn starh powder than nappy. For the diarrhea, look into the food she eats and the formula she is drinking. Try different food and formula and see if the problem persist. Good Luck!

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