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My daughter will be celebrating her 2nd birthday in 2 weeks' time.

Now, I am searching high and low for a birthday cake.

Anybody tried the birthday cake from emicakes before? Is the flavor- premium mango nice?

If not, is there any other cakes that are nice to eat and yet, the price is not too steep.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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i got fr pinesgarden amk.. two tier.. lychee martini n fresh strawberry cream.. very very nice..taste n look $99..


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Try secret recipe cakes my boy is also turning 2 in June and i used them last year for his 1st birthday and using them again for 2nd boys first bday in August.They are really gd. I think its $42 per kilo but its a thick cake.All their cakes are nice.as FOR EMICAKES used them for hubby,s birthday few years back.Strawberry was gd.


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i havent ordered from PG b4 but did personally tried them, they r pretty good. :)
agree with vinder79 secret recipes also hv yummy cakes! i love their mango!!!!!!! their choco banana also not bad, but im not really a fan of banana so yeah. u can request for them to put wordings on it.
or u can try awfully choco cakes! they r awesome! thick chocolately taste! YUMS. they also do decorations on the cake, looks pretty nice too! :)

i nvr tried emicakes (not that i rmb of though), so i cant comment on that. :)
i think prima deli cakes r also alright. :)


Pine garden's cakes are nice...very very delicious...oh dear i'm hungry now thinking of their cakes...Lychee Martini is fantastic!:Dancing_wub:


Pine Garden's cakes are really yummy! I tried a orange/chocolate birthday cake from there and it was scrumptious :) Plus it felt light and airy and not too heavy for a dessert. HTH!


I ordered cake fm Polar (coz i have vouchers), vanilla with cream, very tasty. the cake is not too wet or too dry, jus nice. I remember I ordered the elmo's head cake with the jelly topping, the jelly is not too sweet, just nice. Forgot how much was it already but the price can be easily found from their website.

I also ordered from Swee Heng too. 3kg cake at $90 plus/minus. Cake is soft n tasty too.

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