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Discussion in 'Home Life, Relationships & Finance' started by 93tenderfoot, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Hi, I'm a programmer. Working on a side project and building a tool to pull out all the data online on the Internet if you search a specific term with a specific website..
    So you can search "desmond30" for Facebook, will find 90-99% of all data that has the search term "desmond30" in it :)
    If you search "xxpatrick" for a link "" forum, my tool can find all the posts, profiles, anything with the "xxpatrick" term in it"

    if you suspect your hubby using his nickname, username, or have any specific email you wanna search on Facebook or any website (just need to provide me with link) such as forum link, dating site link, etc, my tool should be able to narrow down to a micro search and pull 90%-100% of all the data on the link that has that term. :)

    I built it for myself but if you would like to use it, please PM me or email me at :)

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