Disposable Diapers - Pls share your experiences

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pin doesnt get any rashes using drypers.
i honestly think, that diaper rash is caused bcos parents dun change their baby's diaper often.
doesnt really matter wat brand it is, most importantly is, when the diaper feels heavy, it would be best to change the diaper n clean the genital areas properly.
Yep I totally agree.
But I strongly dun advise mummies out there to use drypantz

Ting: Is pin wearing glasses? or izit urs :err:


i use NTUC house brand / huggies for daytime so i can change his diapers more frequently to prevent any nappy rash or UTI. and use mamy poko at night.


i'm using huggies ultra i think its pretty good most importantly is my gal bottom is free from rashes. Pamper is good too but too pricey. Tried dypers not good it will leak and size smaller than others. mamy poko was recommended by a friend but my gal got rashes arh. Wanted to try pet pet leh, but scare my gal will rash so until now still using huggies..haha!! If theres offers pls let me know ya...hehe:wong19:
for me i use fitti basic for my gals noon nap n either huggies or mamypoko for whole night dnt realli like nepia cos after few times my gal passes urine can smell the urine mayb cos the material is breathable type one but this brand gd for sensitive n rashes butt


tried huggies dry comfort b4, was so lousy.. will leak, tape will leave red marks on my boy thigh, tape aso nt sticky..

am now using petpet for day and mamy poko at night..
find petpet to be cheap n good..

i change my diapers for my boy every 2-3hrly. is it too frequent?
actually i duno how to guage whether the diapers is full anot, i just change when its like 2 hrs already.
and bcoz i used to using mamy poko, then my mum say petpet gd, want me to change to cheaper brand.. i so reluctant, coz afraid it will cause rashes on my boy. and its much cheaper, so i just anyhow change e diapers frequently lol..

now i so regret, coz baby things all so ex le..


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i am using mamy poko and yes I change her diapers every 2.5 to 3 hours...of course apply diaper barrier cream and wipe her clean each time i change her. I reckon best to change frequently so as to prevent the babies feeling uncomfortable and of course avoid diaper rash. :)


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I'm using Drypers from NB till now too. Didn't experience any leakage. But notice that drypers looks smaller compared to the other brands.


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recently tried the toys r us brand cos the diapers have indicators, but the tape is v noisy and sticks to dd's skin, and the diapers tend to leak.