Do NOT Buy Advante H20 Water Filtration System

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    We bought the Advante H20 Water Filtration system (retails for $398 at HomeFix etc) 1+ years ago and in this time, had to pay about half the retail price just for fixing its cold water problem!! Beside the bad quality of the product, the hotline customer service is so bad that we decided to give up on the machine instead of continuing to pay for the bad product and service attitude.

    Within a year of purchase, it broke down and we had to pay $40 transport for them to bring the product back for checking although it was within warranty period.

    Within a few months, it broke down again. This time we brought the product down to the service center at Kaki Bukit ourselves. No transport fee but charged for servicing and changing of refrigerant parts. We were already quite upset because it was the same problem they cleared during warranty but now it's out of warranty period, they want to change the parts.

    Even after changing the parts, there was still obviously still a problem with the product because the cold water indicator light would always remain on (previously it would turn off once water was cooled). The water was also not as cold as before. We called to ask for another check (within the additional 3mths warranty). When the service man came, he insisted there was no problem with the machine and told us to keep turning the temperature knob at the back when water was not cold enough. He said there was no point bringing back the machine as they would not do anything to it. Charged us $20 for coming to our house.

    Now, 2 mths later, the temperature knob is at the coldest and the "cold" water temperature has become so bad that it's now room temperature. Based on our experience thus far, we were very skeptical whether to even bother trying to get it repaired.

    I called today to ask for them to bring the machine for check, the customer service was unbelievably rude. Besides the $40 transport fee, she insisted that they will also charge $20 for servicing. When I told her the service man did not want to bring the machine back last visit, she was even sarcastic enough to say "so you have been without cold water for 2 months and you're only calling now?". She told me to call her back with my invoice number, saying she cannot hold the line because she had a customer in front of her. I called three more times before another person picked up and I had to explain everything again.

    In short, this is one of the worst product and service experiences I have had. We will NEVER buy any Advante products again.
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    Posted feedback through their website last week and no one has replied. Unsurprising, since the automessage generated was that the message had been sent to "ADMIN". Hah! The same rude customer service gets to screen feedback!?
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    Do check out the following when you are free.. =)


    The following are the benefits of the water filtration system :-

    Removes Chlorine
    Removes Rust & Dirt
    Removes Bacteria & Virus
    Removes Odour
    Retains Beneficial Minerals
    Provides Alkaline
    Provides Anti-Oxidant

    We have Certifications from the following bodies :
    1) PSB TUV - Latest Test Report 2010
    2) ALS Laboratory Group - Test Report for Chlorine & Bacteria Content
    3) SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd - Analysis Report to confirm that we comply with WHO Guideline Values for Drinking Water
    4) Reports from Korea bodies as our products is made from Korea

    Current PROMOTION :-

    Water Filtration System - $1,800 (FREE)
    Installation - $100 (FREE)

    All you need to bear is the yearly maintenance of the Filters.

    4 Filters per set
    1) Sediment Filter - Removes Dirt & Rust
    2) UF Membrane Filter - Removes Bacteria
    3) Carbon Filter - Removes Chlorine
    4) Alkaline & AntiOxidant

    If you were to purchase a package of 3 sets of Filters, you will get 1 extra set of Filters for FREE.

    Therefore, it is 3 + 1 sets of Filters for $1,688 (NETT) inclusive of Transportation & Installation & Servicing & Warranty for 4 years, which means $422 per year, approximately $1.17 per day. Payments can be made by FULL CASH / CHEQUE / INSTALLMENT BY CREDIT CARDS (ZERO INTEREST FREE) such as UOB, DBS, POSB & OCBC Banks.

    Every set of Filters can filter 6,000 Litres of water, with an estimation of 5 pax per family, with yearly change of Filters with NO EXTRA COST for Servicing & Transportation during the Yearly change of Filters, which means they PROVIDE FREE SERVICING every year to change a brand new set of filters for your family yearly.

    So if you are interested to see a FREE DEMO of your current water condition in your HOMES / purchase a Water Filtration System, pls feel free to contact Daniel @ 82685522 with NO OBLIGATIONS @ your house @ your convenience timing.. =)

    Take care..

    *Drink Cleaner & Healthier Water to Stay HEALHTY* =)

    Check out Evopure

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