Do U Feel Pain & Discomfort when Baby Moves..?

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Basha, May 4, 2009.

  1. Basha

    Basha Member

    Dear MTBs & Mummies,

    Anyone experience pain or discomfort when ur baby moves vigorously in ur tummy..? I feel pain near to my lower ab...Been feeling dis way recently..I'm now 34wks+ & always getting those false contractions...tummy tightening,menses like cramps...
  2. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    yes i do feel uncomfortable and sometimes pain when BB moves too vigorously. sometimes i'll "OUCH!" when he kicks too hard... i only get those false contraction when i go shopping for hrs, other than tt still okay.. hehe..
  3. Basha

    Basha Member

    Hmm ok seems norm then...for me i alw get those contractions recently...sometimes make me breathless...
  4. Frenchkitty

    Frenchkitty Member

    Same here! I am 36 weeks now and since 34-week I feel sharp pain when baby kicking, in my bladder and privates area. OUCH!

    And also, my inner thighs and pelvic hurt when he is kicking now.

    I also having menstrual-like cramps and tummy tightenings (Braxton hicks) which the doctor said is normal as long as my waterbag doesnt break or I dont bleed and have any "show".
  5. Basha

    Basha Member

    Oh ok...i experience exactly like u now...just hope that baby wont be coming out now coz I'm just 34wks+...
  6. chillaxville

    chillaxville Member

    Yeah.. I do feel the same too. 37 weeks nw. feel sharp pain at v area until i have to sit down. sometimes i hav to stop eating if baby moves too much and kicking my ribs area and caused discomfort e.g. breathless & menses like cramp. :nah:

    how i wish all these can be over next week...haahha
  7. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    i also feel breathless at times leh.. even when i'm just lying down watching tv also will suddenly feel breathless.. sometimes my heartbeat suddenly pump very fast... check my blood pressure but everything okay leh... haiz, pregnant so xin ku=(
  8. elmo493

    elmo493 Member

    In fact I like it when he is moving his fist from left to right or the other way and making a turn, I would rub on the stomach to feel and talk to him.:tlaugh:
  9. Yuki Miaka

    Yuki Miaka Member

    same.... the lower part pain... the upper part also pain because bb up side down now.. and she kicks very hard...when she do stretching.. u can feel the tummy is hardened like rock...
  10. mich_liu82

    mich_liu82 Member

    Yup, as im typing now. I keep getting these so called contractions. Tummy tightening... Then the V area like very pain... Haiz... getting impatient leh...
  11. Basha

    Basha Member

    Yeap yeap...same i wish it'd be all over soon... (",)
  12. Basha

    Basha Member

    Yeah'd be hardened as a rock!! Ech tym that happens i'd juz rub my tummy & after a while will be soften..hehe...
  13. akachan09

    akachan09 Member

    Same at 36+weeks....keep getting more Braxton hicks contraction every now and then. Feeling pain at the pelvis area when he moves or rubs against my abdominal wall. At times, I will feel menses like cramp at area below bellybutton. My gynae said real contraction is having pain at bellybutton area.
  14. Basha

    Basha Member

    Hmm ok...shall look out for the pain @ bellybutton area which shows that is the real contractions...
  15. wenz

    wenz Member

    i do feel pain and discomfort as well... sometime when baby move to a certain position i cant breath also... rather uncomfortable and irritating...
    but no choice.. its indicating baby is healthy moving around.. so gotta bear with it...
  16. Basha

    Basha Member baby moves real a LOT!! too hyperactive!! Making the mummy breathless & pain...
  17. Yuki Miaka

    Yuki Miaka Member

    hahaha ya same thing.. i will rub my tummy and ask my bb to cool down.. dun get too excited... lolz... like that baby will moves then it soften
  18. joeichen

    joeichen Member

    Mine oso. Seem always very excited, till i dun really dare to drive nwaday coz he will suddenly kick or push very hard till can c a lump thr.
    Have been taking all these since 4mth+. Hahaha... will b my turn soon to smack his backside.
    "sweet revenge"..... :Dancing_tongue:
  19. Yuki Miaka

    Yuki Miaka Member

    haha no worry u'll be faster than me...

    my pelvis was in pain for a month liao... and it;s so painful tht sometimes i cant even lift my leg up... so on the bed i got to move very slowly... my hubby laughed i move like a worm crawling on the bed... haha

    i hope bb come out before edd... me also getting impatient liao lolz
  20. Yuki Miaka

    Yuki Miaka Member

    hahaha so cute,, dun step on the brake paddle if your bb kick/push u while u drive... haha

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