Do u trim ur baby's eyelashes?

Discussion in 'Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old)' started by lushtear, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. lushtear

    lushtear Member

    Ha.. Just curious if this old wives tale is true:

    if u trim ur baby's eyelashes so that it will grow longer.

    If u really did it, at how old did u start trimming and did u do it urself or at the salon?
  2. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    Nope did not trim...did not know abt it....hmmm but I think I will dare not trim too...cos' bb still consider delicate....even trim fingernails also must be extra careful, what more the eyelashes.....:tlaugh:
  3. yan2

    yan2 Member

    Last time in my working place, this canteen lady's daughther (toddler)eyelashes was so long. She told us she trimmed her daughther eyelashes when baby. :)
  4. lushtear

    lushtear Member

    Hmmm.. My hubby actually showed me a pic of his friend's son. The boy trimmed his lashes and it was sooooo long and dark. Dunno whether its an urban legend or just pure coincidence?!?
  5. lushtear

    lushtear Member

    Mayb i shud start trimming my own lash to test!!! hahaha
  6. kams

    kams Member

    Wah! u so brave ah! If ur eyelashes don't grow back, time to start wearing falsies eh? haha!
  7. lushtear

    lushtear Member

    Then tell hubby that i have no choice to wear falsies!! Good excuse what!
  8. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    nv try b4 as my kids r too hyper so it would be so hard to trim them n i dun tink i dare to take such risk~
  9. lushtear

    lushtear Member

    It seems that they only trim it when they are asleep.. hahaha i oso damn scare to try.. Anyway, my baby too small to try on her!
  10. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    actually i feel tat if ur kid has long eyelash then gd for her but if she doesnt then nvm aso bcoz if u trim it n turn out is a myth then i tink in future ur ger will blame u for doing tat ~ Juz let her naturally grow bah...who knows maybe slowly her eyelashes will grow longer leh?
  11. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    NO, i did not. i dun dare to take the risk. i rather ds has short eyelashes den taking the risk as bb will move as and when they want w/o 'informing' us.
  12. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    nope. pin alr has damn long n thick n gorgeous eyelashes~ :p
    uhhh, but i wont take the risk either.
    there is always mascara n falsies if she needs them. :)
    i didnt even shave her eyebrow!
  13. MummyLeLe

    MummyLeLe New Member

    I just trimmed my baby's eyelashes... =)
    My mum trimmed mine when I was a baby... & now I really have curl eyelashes... So I do believe they will curl if u trim them... My mum said u can only trim them when ur child is still a lil baby(like below 1-2 yrs old)... If he/she grow older then no use already...
    I'm now waiting for my girl's eyelash to thicken & curl... My mum said it will take 1-2 months & u can only do it once...=)
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  14. Member

    Agree with MummyLeLe, cos when im still baby i use to stay @ my auntie hus,, She also trim my lashes, Nw i have long lashes ^^

    ** If those mummy wana try trim ur baby lashes, do it when they r aslp.. Also when they are young, Like mummyLele say.. ^.^
    Too bad my baby is a boy so no point trim it lolx:wong19:
  15. NIisme

    NIisme New Member

    serious ar..
    den i wanna try to trim my girl de lashes see how le.
  16. Jovy

    Jovy New Member

    I tried with my first baby, it did not work i do not think its true. My goddaughter have very long, thick curled eyelashes but her mum never cut. I think luck by luck.
  17. Jovy

    Jovy New Member

    btw i tried to cut my lashes 8 yrs back to test, did not work as well but it grew back from its normal length. hehe
  18. sunburst

    sunburst Member

    I don't believe in such things... It is all genetic whether or not have long lashes or lashes that curl. Almost all Indians I have met have such long & thick lashes that curl... Envy!!!
  19. Jovy

    Jovy New Member

    Sunburst is right coz i have tried it myself and to my bay did not work :)
  20. Member

    Adult try no use... MY autie say when young trim is better .. Few Mth old Baby ..I nt sure for those ppl .. But is work for mi Cos my mum & sis do nt have long lash.. But i DO

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