Do u trim ur baby's eyelashes?

Mummy to Baby V

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I won't want to trim. Anyway, my boy has long and curled eyelashes, even I'm envious of him!

By the way, when my boy was 2 months old and SLEEPING, he jerked when I was trimming his fingernails. I accidentally clipped a bit of his skin off; he bled and screamed. I was totally guilty and tramautised! Please be careful...


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I dont't believe in such things... It is all genetic whether or not have long lashes or lashes that curl. Almost all Indians I have met have such long & thick lashes that curl... Envy!!!
me too! and i dun have to guts to do it too! imagine the bb suddenly move? OMG!!!

I cut my boy finger nail when he was awake wor .. Some mum did dare to try as for mi if i have a baby girl mayb i will try mayb bit ^^


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Please, never do that. My mom did this stupid thing to me and my lashes never grew back to the normal size, till I reached 16 and bought Cherish Lash serum. After some time I finally got my long lashes back. So don't do mistakes which have to be corrected