do you call your in laws?


Would like to know If you mummies call your in laws everyday If you're staying together with them ? My in laws expect me to call them everyday which I thinks it's very irritating. Whenever I called them, they also don't bother to reply.


yes i call them everyday..they still consider our elders..even my parents i call them everyday if i m staying with them...


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Not a mummy myself yet but yes I greet them every single day. Before I leave to work and when I step in the house (or if they come home later than me) after work. This is how I was brought up and likewise how my hubby was brought up. I expect my kid to do likewise. It's a form of respect for the elders. But at least they acknowledge me everytime :)


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no i dont.
1 thing is they dont really like me.
2nd thing is if i call them everyday they also find irritating because they live with me. but if i never call they try find fault with me.
y bother.
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I always greet them. I respect them as much as I respect my own parents. Now that I am living with them, I understand more of the ways of my husband. And I am more thankful they brought him up that way. I'd be happy if my husband does the same thing to my parents.


I don't as my MiL lives overseas and also due to time difference of 7/8 hours. Father-in-law had passed away long ago.


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yes i greet my mil whenever i see her? haha cos she is not arnd everyday.. so i only greet her when i see her. =)


So lucky for most of you. My inlaws isn't easy going type. So I had decided not to call them since I can't force myself to call someone not close to me : mum or dad. HAHA