Do you cane/ spank your kids?


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Do you cane/ spank your kids? If so, please explain why you think caning is necessary and the things you use to '' teach'' your kids!
Do you cane/ spank your kids? If so, please explain why you think caning is necessary and the things you use to '' teach'' your kids!
I personally believe you should never resort to caning/spanking kids. It instills a deep-seated fear in them that will follow them even when they grow up. They will be afraid to do everything, and will achieve nothing.

Tell them to ask for what they want, and they'll be scared to do it.

Tell them to be themselves, and they'll be scared to do it.

Imagine if you were the kid, you might change your behaviour, but you might not know the reason why you have to change it. You won't know how to apply morals to other things, you might stop doing one thing, and do 5 other bad things. Why do you think kids grow up to smoke even if they are in a 'good' family? You must teach the kids to think for themselves and what's

It's better to build a kid up instead of tearing him down.


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I think importantly is about explaining why you shouldn't do this and that, punishment need not be caning or spanking.
it can hurt the child(unless you can really control your strength and how many of us can really do it even though we think we might?) and maybe he will think that its ok to hit people to get his way, cos parents also hit the child to get what they want from the child.
but of cos not saying cannot, but it shouldn't be done in a fit of rage you really need to walk out and cool down and think if the child action really warrant a caning or spanking, even after the caning or spanking you should sit down and talk to your child on why and what he/she did and how he/she can do it better...
but i know nowadays also hard to spend so much time to talk but hey its your child... not just anyone

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Hi Hi, just to share, I try not to spank my children.

I always believe that our hands should be used to give care and concern and the kids should never fear our hands. Im more of a reason it out mother

Andrea Lee

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Hello! I believe spanking or hitting your kids will only make them afraid of and detest you. Instead, sit down, talk to your child, and explain what he did wrong and the corresponding disciplinary action of such act.

Dora Su

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No, I don't spank my child, but I'll shorten his time of watching TV. Usually I tell him what he had made and explain what he had done is wrong, I also want him to give me reasons. I believe this way will make my son be more willing to share his own opinion to me instead of scaring me and hiding more secrets behind me.


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I don't believe in spanking or even scolding. I think instead of teaching your child a lesson, it will only cause problems in your relationship. He'll grow fearful of you and even hate you. After explaining what he did wrong, I serve him the punishment for his action like lessen his hours on the computer or set an earlier bed time.

Pia Wong

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I don't resort to spanking or any other act that may cause physical harm. I sit down with the child, let him/her realize what he/she did wrong and the consequences of such action. I believe spanking will only strain the relationship between parent and child.


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Hello! I don't believe in disciplining through violence. I think it's not something parents should resort to, especially that it might lead to kids resenting them in the end. Maybe a little sit-down talk or the most is 'face the wall' types. But that's just me.