Do your neighbours have dogs ?


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As title, you need beware of the dogs when you go with your little child out from home.
Many neighbours keep dogs near our living house.


Not direct neighbours . But can always hear those dogs barking in the night when my Ds's bout to sleep . So angry !


I have dogs (and a cat). My neighbour has dogs. My friends have dogs (and kids).
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my parent's house has my dog.. a parrot and fishes.. as for my own place,my neighbour has 1 dog too.. i always ask dd to go play with it..

anyway wats wrong with having dogs huh??? y must beware?? *blur**


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My mom's hse got dog, yes i agree sum dogs haf to beware as they can b fierce to strangers or babies.


Probably some parents are afraid that the dogs might get too excited and start jumping on their kids :) Maybe thats the reason for it. My mum's more concerned abt my dog's fur and kept nagging abt it saying it might cause my baby to have asthma in future (~_~) Z z Z z Z z


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i din have dog since young, i also got asthma wot...

then when i started to have dogs, also dun have asthma liaoz...

anyway, as long as dogs r properly introduced to children, they r ok....but of cos must still be wary cos u nvr noe wot animals will do...

btw, if ur neighbours' dogs r disturbing u, can nicely tell ur neighbours de....i'm sure they also dun wanna disturb other pple....