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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by cyndear, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. cyndear

    cyndear New Member

    hi all mummies,

    just came from appt at amk KK.

    doc say go for down syndrome test.

    i think i saw a thread on it before but now like cannot find.

    just want to ask if any mummies here done the test at KK?

    how much is the test and how is it done?

    thank you for all the information.
  2. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    if i'm not wrong, u hav to go for blood test and a scan.

    i didnt do the test last time. cos i was only 20 when i got preggy, gynae said can dont do.. =)
  3. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    The 1st ones are the Triple Test or OSCAR or Nuchal thickness/nasal bone scan. These are minimally invasive tests done thru' samples of blood from the mom-to-be (for Triple Test & OSCAR) and ultrasound scans (for Nuchal thickness & nasal bone).

    If probability is high, then doc will recommend an amniocentesis. This is the one where the gynae does an ultrasound scan to check bb's position before inserting a long needle thru mommy's abdomen to collect some amniotic fluid for lab test. Results typically takes 2 weeks. Do note that according to my gynae, there's a 1:250 chance of fetal mortality due to this procedure.

    A friend went through the amnio at a private hospital. The cost was around $600+. If want fast results within a week or so, then gotta top up another $400 thereabouts.
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  4. misstheblue

    misstheblue Member

    i just did my oscar test in Jan at kk.

    Total bill is about 500 + -... i forgot the actual amount... but around there...
    they got different package, u can choose which 1 u prefer...
    i choose the 1 cover most of the test...
  5. cyndear

    cyndear New Member

    is it all cash or can deduct medisave?
  6. misstheblue

    misstheblue Member

    i pay cash....if i 'm not wrong only delivery can use medisave rite...
    mayb some other ppl who got experience can share about this..
  7. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Actually I don't remember paying so much for the OSCAR when I did mine at NUH. If I didn't rem wrongly, the bill was not more than $200, all cash payment only cos I was not an NUH patient, just referred to the ADC Clinic for scans.

    Another gynae I was seeing at that time wanted me to do the test at TMC which wld have costed abt $300.
  8. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    yup tmc one was ard $300+.. i think the price shd be ard there bahh.. hehe.. :001_302:
  9. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    :001_302: Considering I got a referral for the head of the Clinic himself to do the scans for me, not more than $200 is very very reasonable. He also did my detailed scan in the later part of my pregnancy.
  10. cyndear

    cyndear New Member

    KK just called me.

    the say the test cost $321. not sure if need to go or not. i am 31 years old this year.
  11. werxbabe

    werxbabe New Member

    I am also 31 dis yr n having my first child.. I'll go to sgh for my routine check up n the gynae there encourage me to take this down syndrome test.. Probly due to our age group, we r advised to do so.. My appointment is in 2 wks time.. I was told it's gonna cost ard $300..
  12. soapsoap

    soapsoap Member

    i done mine in kk, there are 3 different package to choose from, i take the most detail which mean most expensive scan, is about $300 plus.

    if u only wan blood test which is the cheapest one is aroung $80 i think so
  13. lynoh78

    lynoh78 New Member

    i' m goin to reach 32yrs old somemore n i din do for d test bcoz its too exp as dis is my 2nd bb stil look so cute:Dancing_tongue:
  14. cyndear

    cyndear New Member

    have actually discussed with my hubby. we maybe going only for the scan. doing without the blood test.

    the nurse say the scan is 80% acuurate.

    he also told me that we should be prepare to accept if touchwood should it turn out not to be normal. we will not give up on our baby. we just pray and hope everything will be smooth and fine.
  15. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Cyndear, all the best!! Praying for you that your results are normal.
  16. lynoh78

    lynoh78 New Member

    btw is dis ur first child?
  17. Happydays-shop

    Happydays-shop New Member

    i did triple test and was told i have quite high risk.
    FYI, age don't really do a part.
    i did my first amnio test when i had my first one at the age of 17.
    2nd amnio test when i had 2nd one at the age of 21.
    just this tuesday, i did my 3rd amnio test because im having 3rd one and i'm 22yrs old now.

    there's a 2% risk of M/c.
    i'm currently on bedrest at least 3 days.
  18. cyndear

    cyndear New Member

    yes it is.
  19. cyndear

    cyndear New Member

    thank you camom
  20. lynoh78

    lynoh78 New Member

    iccc all the best to u ya:Dancing_wub:

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