Dr Abdul Aziz (Aziz Clinic for Women @ Kembangan Plaza)

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  1. arabjunior

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    I lurve this gynae as he is soo open minded and mind you, aft delivery, i dun feel him stitching my u-noe-wat area and no pain after that too.

    He is a very outspoken but gentle gynae. His pricings are reasonable. Known as a gynae who will not "burst" the maternity package that he quotes to us. I used to work as a Medisave person so I did lotsa medisave cases and i know how the bill can mount up to.

  2. taSha's eLmo

    taSha's eLmo Member

    Hi Ayu, may i knw which hospital did u deliver and how much was the total cost incurred. Im currently seeing doc aziz n im still considering which hosp to deliver in.
  3. Olivashahres

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    it looks like there is no more info on Dr Aziz....

    a question.....how is the waiting time to see him with appt?

    cos my wife keeps on having to wait quite a long time even with appt....

    well, it's our first....so i have nooooo clue at all...:embarrassed::embarrassed:
  4. arabjunior

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    hi there.. well, during my time, i chose East Shore Hospital. Previously i worked in Raffles so i don't intend to deliver there. East Shore's very cozy and homely. Dat time I paid $600 for deposit and additional $300+ coz i opt to have BCG, hearing test and Hep B done on my son plus my son has to undergo blood test for his trigger feet. But other than that i find his services good and he reali explained to me the experiences that i will go through during labour.

    oh ya, the long waiting time is normal. He sometimes sees foreign patients or patients with lotsa queries or he's explaining stuff to patients. Sometimes he needs to go off to the hospital for emergency c-sect or delivery...
  5. rhay

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    yea hez waitin time is long but he gav a lota advice dat make me relax
  6. bunga

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    Hi Ladies,

    May i kno if dr aziz do circumcisions for boys? Or do you kno any other muslim doctors dat do...

    Thanx ladies..

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