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  1. pigmohippo

    pigmohippo New Member


    Has anyone seeing her for delivery? Looks like that she has quite a very good introduction / explanation in her website, but would like to know other's reviews about her.
  2. Ben's mummy

    Ben's mummy Member

    She was the obstetrician for my elder son at SGH but that was 6 years ago. Very confident doctor but have to wait long long at each appt due to her popularity. Though i had a very long 2nd stage labor, she did not take easy way out to recommend c-section but patient enough to help me deliver the natural way.
  3. momo-san

    momo-san Member


    I just signed up this forum website. Glad that I found this website, it is so informative.

    BTW, did you choose Ann Tan as your gynae? Is she good?
    I hve went to her for IUI but her charges are very high. And seems like this round of IUI is successful, going to get my result this evening. Hope is +ve.
  4. Joycetbg

    Joycetbg New Member

    She is a very patient and experience gynae. Although is exp but is worth paying
  5. limps

    limps New Member

    Hi Momo-san,

    I am snowgirl. Just join this forum last week. I see that you are seeing Dr Ann Tan for IUI. Is she good? Cos i am seeing her too for IUI last week. I am seeing her for the first time.

  6. shiseru

    shiseru Member

    Dr Ann Tan had her own clinic now at Paragon and no longer with Mount E. I seek a 2nd opinion with her when my baby was diagnosed with Spina bifida 2 months ago. She did a very detail explanation and showed us the defect with her high tech scan machine which really helped us make a decision on whether we should continue or terminate the pregnany.

    She is expensive but i heard she is very confident and experienced. She is the first lady Dr who brought in the OSCARs test, a prenatal screening program for Down's syndrome.
  7. JP12

    JP12 New Member

    Hi anyone seen her recently for your pregnancy? Do you recommend her? Is she specialized in high risk pregnancy? Is she now at paragon?

    Thanks. :)
  8. casafar

    casafar New Member

    Hello, I just wanted to share my wonderful experiences with Dr. Ann Tan and her staff. She treated my husband and I for infertility (we got pregnant with our first IVF in January 2012), she helped me through a difficult pregnancy, and she helped me delivery a beautiful baby boy in September 2012. I cannot recommend Dr. Ann Tan enough. She is a very talented doctor and is caring, considerate, and kind. She and her staff and very responsive to phone calls and emails, treat each patient with extreme care and concern, and are very professional. I always felt very comfortable in their care and I would highly recommend Dr. Tan and her staff. I know many of my friends who had easier pregnancies than I did and they were equally pleased. She is a very busy doctor but she manages to give each patient a very personal level of care, which is very important (and impressive). Best of luck everyone!
  9. JingJing22

    JingJing22 New Member

    HI Female Attendant,

    Mind to share more with me the cost for IVF with Dr. Ann Tan?
    Or you can email @ leongjingjing@rocketmail.com.
  10. Ninasky

    Ninasky Member

    I heard that she is very good with difficult pregnancies. But also expensive.
  11. Dananeo

    Dananeo Member

    any update on her charges? Like per session? & if C-sect or Natural delievery will be at how much?
  12. Veon

    Veon New Member

    Hi casafar, may I know how old were you when you did you ivf in 2012? I just did mine in NUH but failed so I'm thinking to switch to Ann Tan. May I also know how much did you pay for your ivf then? Thank you.
  13. Chun Yi

    Chun Yi New Member

    Talking to Dr. Ann Tan makes you think that your baby is in good hands. My husband and I have seen many IVFdoctors but nothing like her who'll treat you with care and so much understanding of what you're going through. This is the page that i read http://www.anntan.com.sg/ivf.html which you may find helpful.

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