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Discussion in 'Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' started by hauge, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. hauge

    hauge Alpha Male

    Hi all,

    May I know is anyone seeing Dr Chen? Any feedbacks to share? Thx.
  2. jojoki

    jojoki Well-Known Member

    i've seen him only once... he seems pretty good. prices reasonable also and best of all i heard he has recently change his machine to 3d.. so u get to see really clear scans when u go fr ur ultrasounds. Unfortunately I was already with another gynae when i went to see him on one unexpected occasion. Otherwise I would really consider him...he's ver pro.
  3. Catty

    Catty Member


    I've been seeing him since my 2nd child and even my 3rd baby now, as what Jojoki said is truth that he has bought a 2d cum 3d machine, he will even scan ur baby by using the 3d machine without any extra cost!

    He's indeed a very experience gynae as previously he's from KKH just open his own clinic maybe about 10 yrs ago (if not wrong), he's a very patience gynae who's willing to listen & explain every single things to you very details, his morning shift staff is also very friendly! :red:
  4. hauge

    hauge Alpha Male

    Thx for the feedbacks. We have visited Dr Chen this week. Yes, the nurses are friendly & the clinic environment is good & not cramp like many others. However we're not very comfortable with Dr Chen consultation and thus decide to continue look around for other gynae in the north side.
  5. chewnlow

    chewnlow Member

    hi hauge, what are you not comfortable with Dr Chen on? would you care to share? I just went to see him last evening with my hubby for my first scan and I thought he's a very experienced and patient doctor who goes all out to explain things in detail to his patients.
  6. susern

    susern Member

    He is a very good gynae. My 3 babies are delivered by him.
  7. Priya Diva

    Priya Diva Member


    I just delivered my 1st baby in jan. . I started seeing Dr Chen before i concieved. As it took me some time to concieve, he helped us in taking steps to treat us to see if we had infertility issues. I concieved within few tries based on the suggestions he gave.
    My entire time of going to visit him was very good. He will patiently answer all your questions and his c-section stitching for me is fantastic. He was recommended by my hubby's sis-in law.
  8. christinawong

    christinawong Member


    I'm in my very early stage of pregnancy & still looking for a gynae. In fact I went to Dr Ted Lim @ Orchard Plaza but I'm not very comfortable with him so thinking of changing.

    I wanna check how good Dr Chen is. Good as in warm, caring, give good advice etc.. Hope to see more feedbacks.. :wewink:
  9. Priya Diva

    Priya Diva Member

    Yes he is very warm and nice. You can ask him questions and he will take time to answer them...Prices are resonable too....he may sometime be doing things quick but he is very thorough...
  10. lynntryinghard

    lynntryinghard New Member

    Hi Priya,

    Just want to know, how's the consultation fees like and the procedures of treatment that you and your hubby go thru...

    I've been trying for ages and remarried two years ago and up to now still no luck. I've got a 12 year old daughter from my previous marriage.

    Please advise me and wish me luck ya...:)

    Best regards,

  11. Priya Diva

    Priya Diva Member


    Ok the consultation fees were reasonable to me [ Of course its bets to check it out] As for the concieving, it took me about 7-8 mths to concieve. Dr Chen actually carried out tests swiftly without delaying. Also he gave medications for my hubby, blood tests, sperm tests etc. Then one fine day i got the luck and concieved.

    So if you want to try out... Its good to go and see him for consultation...

    All the best!!
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  12. lynntryinghard

    lynntryinghard New Member

    Thanks lots for your advice dear, I've missed my menses for almost 2 months now but my results are negative on both tests that I tried...Think its a bit harder for me since age is catching up...I'm 34 this year, but still I will try my best!!!:)

    Thanks again dear.:twink:

    Best regards,

  13. Priya Diva

    Priya Diva Member

    Hi Lynn

    Dont worry i think you are still young to have a baby... My one aunty had her kid when she was 39 and another had hers when she was 40....

    All the best !!
  14. lynntryinghard

    lynntryinghard New Member

    Thanks lots dear!:)
    May my dreams come true!!! :Dancing_biggrin::Dancing_biggrin::Dancing_biggrin:
  15. Miracle82

    Miracle82 New Member

    hi, i'm new here.......... wondering if anyone knows which hospital dr chen delivers in?
  16. fern

    fern Member

    choice of mount A or TMC
  17. evelynsiow

    evelynsiow New Member

    dr chen is a very patient doctor who explains well , as in using simple language to make you understand what you are going through in your pregnancy . his rates are very reasonable priced as compared to a lot of other gynae that i went to. he is also very responsive in the event when you face pregnancy issues like spotting and frequent vomitting , he will immediately give you immediate attention and treatment to keep your baby unlike some other gynaes .

    he is my gynae for my first girl and now my boy , i did my c-section and boy his stitches are so well done , the scar is so faint . I'm impressed . ya his morning nurses are really very friendly and helpful .

    overall , i'm very satisfied with his service and i have recommended a lot of friends to him .
  18. csk

    csk New Member

    Hi to all the mommies who had seen Dr Chen, is he a doctor who pro natural birth or does he encourage c-section, assisted-delivery etc?
  19. joeychew

    joeychew New Member

    my baby girl was delivered by Dr Chen on 7th Jan 2011. He will advise n encourage u to go for natural. He's such a nice,caring, warm, patience doctor! explain more when I'm done with my confinement :) meanwhile dr Chen is really a pro!
  20. angelpeisze

    angelpeisze New Member


    Did u sign the package from Dr Chen? I would like to know the package price and what is included? I am now in week 16 but still searching for gynae :embarrassed: Thanks:001_302:

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