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    Anyone has any feedback for the above?
  2. jumpingjoan

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    My cousin went to her before. Quite experienced. She had her 2 kids with Kanika. But too bad too far for me.
  3. Stuti

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    I have had a very satisfying experience with Dr. Kanika (SBCC Women's Clinic). From day 1 she was so supportive and positive. No matter how long the Q was at her clinic and how busy she was, she always gave ample amount of time to answer my questions. One thing we all must know is that gynecologists can have emergencies at any point in time and if she leaves in the middle of her operating hours its definitely due to some emergency but nevertheless she will be back in 15-20 min.

    During my last weeks of pregnancy she closely monitored me and told me that I will be going into labour with in 48 hours or less. I was very surprised as it was 17 days earlier than my EDD. But Dr. Kanika's experience spoke during that time and I delivered a normal healthy baby in 2 days.

    Dr. Kanika is pro normal delivery until unless there are complications. All along my check-ups she insisted that I should watch my weight and eat healthy stuff. When you talk to her it feels that she gives you importance and she knows your case in and out.

    On social aspect, I see her interacting with all races so well. She has patients from different races, cultures and religions. Her appointment is easy to get and the front desk is always supportive if there is any change required.

    I strongly recommend Dr. Kanika and if you are considering her please bear 2 things in mind:

    1. Stay Positive and
    2. Believe in Dr. Kanika

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