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  1. Vone

    Vone Member

    Hi Mummies.

    I strongly recommand Dr Kee W.H from TMC .You can also find him seeing patients at Jurong Point Shopping Centre lvl 1. ( W K Koo & Associates Partners located at outside the shopping centre if u are driving u will be able to see it before entering the carpark. Newly renovated. Dr Kee now only see patients at weekday nite at Jurong Point from 7 to 9.30 wipm.

    He is a very friendly ,jovial and fatherly gynae. He tries to explain in details to you so you understand the whole thing about pregnancy and what to expect during delivery which is good. He's also a very experienced gynae.

    Dr Kee's charges are quite reasonable. He's also a very experienced gynae :) *thumbs up* Will go back to him again if im preggie once again
  2. aby

    aby Member

    Hi Vone!! Wow!! Can't wait for a 2nd little princess Vonie ah??
    Hey got to update ur tickers le.. BB Jayden has arrived!! :red:
  3. *vicLuv*

    *vicLuv* New Member

    Hi Vone,:Dancing_wub:
    Very happy to know that there's a gynae near Jurong West.
    A few questions to ask, hope you don't mind :-

    1) When was the last time you visited Dr. Kee?
    2) Does he have package & how much was it?

    Many thanks in advance!:001_302:
  4. Angelmum

    Angelmum Moderator

    arhh, he sounds like the Dr Kee who delivered DS 10yrs ago. Strongly recommended by my aunt but I didnt find him that fantastic.

    I suspect he didnt do a cut thus when my big DS zoom out, I had a zigzig tear. Couldnt walk properly for 3-4wks. So painful!

    Was a 1x mummy but didnt hear him telling me grandfather story .... maybe he thot my aunt shld tell me.
  5. jaynshar

    jaynshar Member

    he was my gynae when i give birth to my dd,my sis gynae n oso my mum's gynae when she give birth to my bro..
    Thumbs up :001_302:
  6. Vone

    Vone Member

    Hi Vicluv

    Dr kee's package starts only when u're 20 weeks preggie. i jus gave birth to my ds last month. As for dr kee's package,You can choose either to deliver in Mount A or TMC. As for his package i cant really remember it should be

    Antenatal care - $800
    Delivery: normal - $800

    Dr Kee does give discount to his patients... for exact charges its beter for u to call up dr kee's clinic and enquire. U can pm me for the tel number
  7. jaynshar

    jaynshar Member

    I agree.he gives discount..
    cos tt time..i gt a refer letter from my company doc..then go visit him..when i sign on package from him...i pay $600++ for the package cos the nurse say he gives me discount..:tlaugh:
  8. Pwiincess

    Pwiincess Member

    I'm almost in my 24th week. If I start my package now, will it be the same price or lower? Cos packages starts in week 13 rite?
  9. LuthAdel

    LuthAdel Member

    Hi All,

    I have to say that Dr. Kee is really nice and comforting. I'm currently 8 wks pregnant and was diagnosed as having an empty gestational sac measuring 15.85mm. No yolk sac or fetal pole is present at the moment.

    The first doctor that I went to simply tell me to return next week for another scan without offering any alternative and from the look of her face, both my husband & my heart just sank. I decided to go for 2nd opinion and saw your comments on Dr. Kee and went to see him on the same day.

    He was very thorough and tried to calculate my exact pregnacy stage (on 11Dec I was at 7.5wks) and my gestational sac is the size of a 5 wks. So he gave me an option to go for hormone supplement just in case mine happens to be a late bloomer and will not show until much later. I'm currently on Pregnyl injection and Turinal pills.

    I must say that regardless of the outcome, I'm grateful to him for at least trying to analyse the situation without posing a "death sentence" like many others when such situation is found (it is called and Bilghted Ovum).

    Thank you so much for recommending him :)
  10. Vone

    Vone Member

    Hi LuthAdel,

    No problem, you must be super worried now. *comforts*

  11. LuthAdel

    LuthAdel Member

    Hi Vone,

    Thank you for your comforts :) If I say that I'm not worried I'll be lying flat on my face. Yes, I do worry if we could see our little one next week but if our little one still refuses to show, I'll wait. One thing that I'm very certain is that I won't be opting for D&C as I rather let nature take its course.

    Dr. Kee has been very kind & supportive. He did mention that he had handled cases similar to mine where the baby decided to show a later stage.

    I do have to thank you for putting him up for recommendation without which, I could be at a lost now not knowing an alternative doctor to go to :)

  12. Vone

    Vone Member

    Hi Princess,

    Not sure abt that u might want to call up Dr Kee's Clinic to check ^^ Not sure if im able to post his number here. U might wanna pm me for his contact. I'm sure his nurses will be able to provide more details for u.

  13. Vone

    Vone Member

    No Worries LuthAdel,

    Hope u're ok. I'm sure baby will show himself/herself to mummy LuthAdel soon. ^^ Saw ur appointment with Dr Kee tml at Jurong Point. If its today i might be able to see u there. Coz i was there to collect my pills from Irene. =D

  14. Vone

    Vone Member

    Hi Angelmum,

    Not sure if u're seeing the same Dr Kee as me. Coz Dr Kee always ensures his patients while doing scans etc. He's ensures all his patients and made the effort to conduct a talk before 1 month before your edd. His stitching is good :) For me i feel coz its jus a small cut and now its hardly visible and it heals fast too.

  15. gjchii

    gjchii New Member

    Dr Kee also my gynae for my bb, born in May 08.
    i feel very comfortable with him and he is a very experienced gynae, and most important is, he is very patient and humor, had eased my worryness during delivery.
  16. Yuki Miaka

    Yuki Miaka Member

    oh dear... mine is the same case as you. i went to see a normalfamily doctor (also comoany doc)..he do a scan on me and said my baby is gone. i was in my 6 weeks plus of pregnancy. He only ask me to rest on bed for a week and taking multivitamins obimin, anticid and duphaston ... ask me to go back him after a week plus for another scan.

    It is very sad... i just found out i am pregnant on 27th Sep from a good doctor (Dr Lee) @ Jurong and after that on 29th that stupid doc@ Marsiling give me bad new just simply because he cant find my bb in the water bag. In the one week MC, he comment is a MIssed Abortion. Very very sad...

    Going to see a Gynae @ woodlands....anyone any recommendation?
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  17. fluffyboy

    fluffyboy New Member

    Hi, Dr Kee was recommended to me by a fren. However, I still deciding whether to sign up with him or Lawrence Ang. What do you ladies think?

    Also, can I check what is the brand of prenatal vitamin and fish oil that he prescrbes to you? I was given "Sunward Prenatal Vitamin" manufacturer in Malaysia. Seems like a very basic supplement only.
  18. jumBobo

    jumBobo New Member

    hi ladies... any idea if DR KEE will deliver at glenE?
  19. foreveris

    foreveris Member

    fluffyboy, think Dr Kee charges are much higher than Dr Lawrence Ang. Dr Kee's consultations are $70 to $80, scan at $50.. so every consultation is $130 at least.. package only in week20.. at $800 excluding vitamins whereas Dr Lawrence Ang's package can start much earlier think $600 iirc and includes vitamins..

    I'm seeing Dr Kee and I find him good.. the night clinic at jurong point is also convenient for me..

    Jumbobo, you can call up the nurse to check at 62536011
  20. iryn8383

    iryn8383 Member

    Hi ladies :biggrin:
    I'm new to this forum.
    I visited Dr. Kee yesterday. It was my 1st visit.
    The consultation is $80 , ultrasound is $60 , Urine Test is $5.
    Every visit will be the same charges & procedures ?

    i understand week 20 .. can sign the package at $800.
    The $800 is for week 20 - 36 ?
    Between week 20 - 36 .. total are about how many visits ?

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