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    Hi All,

    I had a really bad experience with Dr. Ang. I went through natural birth and was in intense pain since I was discharged for the first week. I was in so much pain that i wasnt able to sit on the bed,sit on the toilet bowl or breastfeed. Initially I thought it was normal thus i beared with it however I couldnt bear the pain and called Dr Ang wanting to drop by. He replied that its normal and ALL his patients went through such pain and mentioned that since he'll be seeing me next week then he'll do a check-up.

    I was in too much pain that I immediately went to the nearest clinic and was diagnosed that there was a gap in between the stitches and I was already having an infection. I didnt went back to Dr Ang for the first appointment after delivery, likewise none of his staff called to ask if I was fine. Although the wound healed, my vaginal opening was quite huge and my discharge kept flowing out and caused alot of disturbance.

    I was helpless and went to Kandang Kerbau Hospital for a check-up and was informed that the opening is bigger than usual and was advised to undergo a pelvic floor repair day surgery (opening the stitches again & re-sew) if i was concerned about it. It caused disturbance to both my daily and marriage life. Most importantly the physical & emotional distress I've obtained.

    This time round, I didnt fix an appointment. I went to his clinic and told his staff that I needed to see him.

    I told him what happened and his reply was that he'll check and undergo the surgery for me. I told him after his negligence I wasnt comfortable with it and I intend to seek Kandang Kerbau Hospital help instead.

    He tried gaving excuses like "your baby is fine now, she was delivered and I didnt cause any brain damage..."

    I underwent the day surgery and went through all the pain again after I gained conscious. The wound recovered and indeed I didnt suffer as much pain compared to the first surgery.

    I was really upset, why can he be termed as the best doctor when he have such a bad attitude towards his occupation? Shouldnt doctors be there to help and moreover despite that I lived in Bedok, I went all the way to Sembawang for each medical appointment as I've heard that he's professional and good when my friend gave birth 3 years ago and yet this is the way to treat his patient?

    I reasoned out with him and told him that yes I thank him that my baby is delivered and healthy but that doesnt give him the right to shirk off his responsibilty by saying that he didnt cause any brain damage to my child.

    His facial expression changed after I told him that I'll seek Medical Association's help and he told me "How much you want?"

    I seriously feel that its not ethical for a Doctor to say such things despite his busy schedule. Otherwise he should just receive lesser patients. Till now, Ive not had the courage to have another one and I will never ever recommend him to any of my friends and would like to share my bad experience so that the others won't go through all these distress and pain.
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    Is he the Best? :Dancing_tongue::err:
    ours was Dr. Han of Raffles... very kiasi but good... every little thing also pay attention.. feel very safe.. in her hands...
    I heard this Dr. Ang is an Ah Pek ? LOL
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    Wow that sounds really bad. I am seeing him now and am getting very worried. Did you just give birth recently?
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    Hello I just delivered my #2. My gynea was Lawrence Ang. #1 was by Dr Christine yap... I changed my gynea even though she was really good cos I tot she was a bit pricey n I should be able to handle the 2nd round with minimial service... Ang was my sister's gynea n she's a known bargain hunter, and so...

    My visits started off well, or rather as expected, minimial service if u r fine. No small talks, no extra nices. Towards delivery date, I tot he was very cool. Always reminding me that's it's ok to eat whatever I want n I can still travel.

    It's only till the last few visits that he started to irritate me by asking the same few standard questions every time... When is your due date, is this ur 1st, did u take epidural for ur 1st, what's the weight of ur 1st... Come on what's ur file for? Worse thing is he dismissed our questions, he takes other calls n he seem to be always in a rush... The one time he had time he talked about his holiday trip.

    I delivered my #2 on 17 sept 2011. That's 2 days ago. My edd was 28 sept... Many said #2 will be early, but I didn't feel any contractions before my weekly check on 17 sept morning.

    During my last visit on 17 sept 9.30am, he checked n told me I'm 2cm plus... I was 2cm the week before... And he took a phone call while his finger is still in me. After while, he suggested that I go for ctg... My 1st was more than 2 years ago, so I asked him what's ctg but as usual he rushed off.

    During ctg, my contractions went on a sprint from 2cm to 4cm. Ang appeared when I hit 4cm to burst my bag n disaapered. Soon I felt the urge to push but the nurses kept telling me not to cos doc is not there... I was thinking didn't he jus burst my bag? And why am I punished for him not being there when I'm ready? I took in too much oxygen n my hubby told me I was like possessed thru out the delivery... I partook actively during my 1st. Remembering every steps n following yap's instructions. This time round I was hallucinating till I felt baby on my tummy. It was 1.27pm... I would said it was a very efficient delivery.

    During my stay, Ang didn't visit me on 17 sept. He came on 18 sept afternoon entered the room n stunk his finger into my cunt n congrats me that there's no baby in there... Told me casually that traffic was really bad the day before... Where did he go for lunch after he broke my bag?!?! Tmc is in a bad traffic area, if u r professional u would not have left the building after breaking a bag.

    This morning at 8am, i was jousted out of my sleep which started at 4am when all the lights in my room was turned on n someone pulled my curtain off... I hurried covered my half exposed breasts when I heard a man's voice. It's was Ang... And All he did was asked me trice if I need
    MC, which he had wrote me the day before.

    All I hope for now is a decent snitch job. Would only know in a few days time... God bless
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    Wish u all the best , maybe when ur having ur #3 , consider going back to ur previous gynae would be good?

    i really dont like gynae asking those questions that could be known in the small card that they wrote

    keep on repeating answers is rather fed up =x

    anyway , take care of urself and have a good confinement ! =)
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    Hi Chan,

    I feel your pain and anger. Looks like Dr. Lawrence Ang has very poor stitching skills and terrible clinical hygience practice which compromised on the sterility of the procedures. Good that you highlighted this case! Yes, negligent doctors must be shamed! Otherwise, they think they can do whatever they wish on their patients and not suffer any consequences. In the end patients have to spend money$$ fixing their stupid mistakes! They must know that their reputation will be at stake if they make any mistake. I hope you received your rightful compensation for the damages you suffered. At least he offered some compensation. The doctors @ NUH who gave me traumatic labour experience are still arrogant and still trying to cover up for my obsgyn's carelessness.

    Wishing you a complete recovery from this -- physically, mentally and emotionally. Take care.
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    Hi ladies,

    I had a bad experience with him too. i found out that im pregnant in January this year. went to see him in late January since it is near my place, Sunplaza. i was around 5 weeks pregnant then. the visit was a quick one (less than 5mins) and during the vaginal unltrasound, baby heartbeat wasnt able to detect. He mentioned that because the baby is still tiny, thus heartbeat cant be detected. It was a rush consultation and he did answer calls during my visit. He arranged another appointment for follow up the following mth. Paid around $170+.

    2nd appointment. i had brown discharge for a few days. Baby heartbeat still unable to detect. I did mentioned about the brown discharged and w/o having any sense of sensitivity, he said that this is the sign that i will undergo a miscarriage. i was devastated. He said that i can opt for D&C or wait for it to happen naturally. I didnt get any medication at all. Well, i did had a misscarriage. But to think as a professional, you should be more sensitive about people's feelings. At least you can say, try to seek a second opinion , etc.

    I got pregnant again after one cycle of menses (Apr). Both myself n baby are healthy now. Of course i change my gynae. I am now at KKH (way better & cheaper). Praying that this preganancy will be smooth one throughout till labour!
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    Bad encounter with Dr Ang. Would like to hear from you moms.
    I find him to not be professional. He put his arms around me, told me to lie down on the couch and said "let me see your beautiful stomach" he then proceeded to pull down my panties. When his nurse volunteered to do it, he said "I'll do it myself". I felt awkward and uncomfortable. Is this the common practice of every O & G doctors?
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    Hi I had my first boy back in 2009. Dr Ang was really good with the stitches. Mine was emergency Csect as I was in labour for 13 hours. Having my second now & I am still going to Dr Ang. He's ok with me.

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