Dr. Theresa Cheng at Theresa Women's Clinic Ang mo kio

Discussion in 'Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' started by District98, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. District98

    District98 Member

    Anyone had Dr. Theresa Cheng as gynae before? Any comments about her?
  2. Maxs

    Maxs New Member

    Her charges are quite high.
  3. spottycow

    spottycow Member

    I used to go to her but after 3 consultations I changed to another. She is very insensitive. Thats why..

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there.

    STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. hanyan

    hanyan New Member

    Her charges are indeed quite high. The consultations with her depend on her mood. When in good mood, she will chat with you. When in bad mood, she doesnt talk much. However, i think she is a very responsible gynae with her patients.
  5. District98

    District98 Member

    yes i agreed with u... she very depend on her mood. anyway, did u guys know whether she will always advise us to normal deliver or C.sec?? i really like to do normal deliver, but somehow i feel she will always want us to do C.sec.
  6. rabbit41

    rabbit41 Member

    She is the worst gynae I have seen.
  7. suneee

    suneee New Member

  8. District98

    District98 Member

    can share yr experience? but i do agree. she very insensitive and always depend on her mood.
  9. chillaxville

    chillaxville Member

    The Doctor is not convincing, ask one thing answer another thing.

    Price is over-charged. Assistants are rude. Overall, bad service.

    I won't go back there again. Just the thought of their service can make me boil.
  10. jean503

    jean503 New Member

    I tot the assistants are quite ok. but the gynae herself really has some attitude.
    She recommended me to go for caesarean this sat quoting reason tat my baby's bladder is obstructed. my baby is only gonna be 36 week old this weekend. is it too late to switch gynae now? sigh, having second thoughts now. really bad.
    I just found out also tat the gynae was previously involved in some court case. anybody knows abt tat?
  11. Basha

    Basha Member

    Hi Jean..so do u still stick with her till ur delivery..? I had my check-up on Sat my baby @ 34 weeks & he's only weighing between 1.9kg to 2kg..she commented that it's norm as @ dis stage baby will tend to decrease weight juz like stock mkt initially will go up up up & @ a point will go dwn..my EDD is June 13 & she said that if by end May baby still dun wanna cum out then she gotta do sumtink abt it coz she doesnt want baby to go on decreasing weight..And @ another point, she assured me that my baby is growing well & fine..seems so ironic..haizz...
    Izit too late to change to another gynae @ dis stage?? I reali dont feel gd upon hearing her commenting diff tinks @ the same time...coz she claimed that there's one of her patients recently @ 37th week had a little bit bleeding & was then induced (as her baby was kinda sick together with the placenta)..she gave birth to 2.1kg baby which is pretty small as Dr Cheng...I'm reali at the wits ends now...i wanna go thru norm delivery & by end May my baby will be 38th week...
  12. chewnlow

    chewnlow Member

    hmmm... i begged to differ. when i discovered i was pregnant and called the clinic for a scan test, the assistant (a "Pamela") was terribly impolite. bcos of this, i swear never to step into this clinic in my life. after reading this forum page, i know that there is really a problem with this clinic (and not myself) .. phew.

    anyway, if you do a search online, using the full name of the gynae, you will see searches of a court case before, between the gynae and Singapore's well known investor, Oei Hong Leong.
  13. amber light

    amber light New Member

    I was seeing Dr Theresa Cheng for my pregnancy as I was staying nearby. Being my 1st pregnancy, I had lots of anxiety n queries. Each time I visited Dr Cheng n asked her questions, her answer would always be " Ask my nurses outside!''. Many a time it were the regular nurses who reassured n eased my anxiety, giving me encouragement with their smiling faces n sound advice. Till the last trimester, Dr Cheng kept telling me my baby would be big n would need a caesarian. I was very distressed as I very much wanted to try for a normal delivery. Therefore my husband brought me for a 2nd opinion. The other doctor was sayng my baby was of normal size n should try for natural birth. I finally decided to change gynae.
    I had a normal delivery n my baby's birth weight was only 2970g. I was glad that I have changed doctor. Now my baby is 8 mths old n when I pass by the clinic, I would still bring my baby in n say hello n thank you to the nurses ( not Dr Theresa Cheng! ). When I was feeling down n almost went into blues, it was the nurses whom gave me so much TLC....THANK YOU SO MUCH
  14. Basha

    Basha Member

    Hey dear...u were @ how many wks preggie when u decided to change gynae? I'm now currently going to 36wks & my next appt with HER is on 18th May..she told me that she's expecting baby to come out on 21st or 22nd & if by 27th not out, i'd have to be induced & by aftrnn still not out wud hv to go thru CAESERAN!!Rsn being that my continuos cramps & contractions recently arent GOOD for baby's growth..my baby is now weighing between 2.5-2.6KG...I wanna go thru NATURAL BIRTH..... :(
    Later on the 18th, I'd ask for her next alternative apart from being induced on 27th May. If she still insist on it,I reali wanna change GYNAE!! Pls advise...
  15. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    eh... sry to kaypo huh... but since she alrdy "expect" that ur bb will come out on tt few dates, then what for asking u to induce??? i tot induce bb normally is until ur edd pass and still no contraction or BB going to be too big if wait until edd??

    she was the gynae who helped my mum to delivered me... my mum kinda "reccommended" her and Dr Kee (e 1 who delivered my bro) to me but heng tt time we dunno where she's now located if not i think i'll be seeing her...

    if u wanna change a gynae, go ahead! at least seek for an 2nd opinion... ask another gynae if u shd be induce, if u shd really go for c-sect... there's not much time left, so if u wanna seek for and 2nd option, better do it asap.. :tlaugh:
  16. Basha

    Basha Member

    She was expecting my baby to come out 21st or 22nd May around that week BUT she said that if by 27th (baby is @37wks+) still not out,Ive to be admitted & induced @ 6am & if by aftnn still not out yet,then C-sect!! As far as i know, those get induced if baby is pass EDD or too big if wait till EDD,but for me is coz my constant CRAMPS & CONTRACTIONS ARENT GD FOR BABY's GROWTH!!! I'm gonna c her on this 18th & will voice out again that i dun wanna get induced but if she still insist,I'd change GYNAE on the spot!! Any gynae to recommend @ dis last stage last min??? I'm @ my wits ends now.....
  17. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    my gynae is very encouraging on natural birth... if u wan her details, can PM me.. but hor during our EDD which is 13june, i dunno if she'll be in SG anot.. or u can search for other alternatives on the other threads???
  18. Jada Lim

    Jada Lim New Member

    When I 1st stepped into the clinic, I was attended by the 2 pleasant & friendly assistants. But when I stepped into Dr Cheng room, her 1st impression to me was messy and very serious. Since I was only 7 weeks pregnant, I still can buy time to look around for a gynae. During my 2nd visit on 20/4/09 pm, there was a pregnant lady whom just came out from the washroom suddenly fainted near to the patient's waiting area. The 2 assistants immediately notified Dr Cheng. I heard them mentioned low B/P, low pulse rate. Very quickly, the patient was put on drip with several injections given. Soon, the patient regained conscious & was fine. The clinic was very crowded than. For what I & my husband witness, we knew that Dr Cheng will be my gynae. At least in case of this situation were to happen to me (touch wood!), we knew that she could handle it calmly & steadily.
  19. JessYen

    JessYen New Member

    Hi Ladies

    I 1st visit Dr Cheng in 1999 during my 1st son but dun feel good with her consultation and went to seek a 2nd opinion... Eventually went to KKH cos that time do not know much abt pvt gynae... Now I m currently seeing a gynae @ Chong Pang since 2000 and I find him very friendly and assuring, even my younger sis and most of my friends are seeing him too....
  20. Tety

    Tety New Member

    I had c-section done by Dr Cheng. My friends also had c-section done, but by other doctors. In comparison, all said my caesarean scar is the most beautiful one. SO HAPPY!!! Guess her hands are good.:001_302:

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