Drinking coffee and tea during pregnancy.


you can consut your gynae on this.i asked my gynae in month 7. my gynae said can but modearte intake.so i started to take coffee,tea but in moderate.maybe twice a week.one day of either coffee or tea.


yesterday i had about 2-3 packets of ice lemon tea + crysanthymun tea (packet kinds)

hahahaa cant tahan.. its chinese new year and the weather is sooo hot!!


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I drink coffee every morning. For me, a morning without coffee does not begin. But during pregnancy, I was faced with the question of whether coffee is useful during pregnancy? Or rather, would it harm or no?
The doctor told me that I can drink coffee but in limited quantities. And it made me buy a coffee machine, (you can see useful reviews here https://homeexpertreviews.com/best-4-cup-coffee-maker/ ) and make the most varied coffee, sometimes I add milk, cocoa milk, coconut milk, etc. It turns out not just an espresso or americano, but a light coffee drink that does not harm the baby


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I think there is no problem with tea, i mean you can drink tea whenever you want cause it doesn't affect you health. But i'm not sure to say the same for coffee. I think better not drink coffee when you're pregnant.