Earn by posting on social media!


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Hi mummies, do you post photos of you and your children on social media? Here's the chance to earn more. Work with reputable brands and be their brand ambassadors. Some campaigns I had seen suitable for you and your children are toys, milk and family events. This is a legit app on app store and playstore and many singaporeans are using it.

What is this about?

◙ This is an app that you can find on the Google Play Store or the App Store for Android devices or iOS devices. You can easily download this app and install it on your mobile device. The app is open for everyone residing in Singapore and all you need is an Instagram or Facebook account to use this app.

◙ No minimum followers is required to sign up for the app! (Some campaigns may require a specific number of followers like 300)

◙ The company works with major brands and post different campaigns on the app. Review the different campaigns and decide which one is best for you. Just read the instructions and follow what it says to start your own campaign that can be posted on Instagram or Facebook. The company works with major top brands that are looking for people to post different types of campaigns on their social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

How Does It Work?

♥ You can download the app here: https://partipost.app.link/BAohpohtin_

♥ Once installed, you’ll need to create an account in order to view the different campaigns the app has to offer.

♥ Read each of the campaigns, see what you need to do, follow the instructions and start to make your campaign.

♥ In some of the campaigns, you might be required to test a product, buy a product, or even visit a certain location.

♥ You’ll need to take a few photos in order to decide on the best image you want to use for your campaign.

♥ Then write up your caption that will accompany your image.

♥ When you are satisfied with your campaign, go to the app and submit the campaign to the app.

♥ Upload the photos and submit in the app for approval.

♥ The campaign must be approved before you can post it on your social media site. If you fail to have your campaign approved and post it on your social media site, you won’t earn from this campaign and the site can reject your submission and not pay you for your work.

♥ When you review the campaign it comes with a complete list of instructions you must follow.

♥ You will see that the campaigns run for 7 days.

♥ You’ll also see how much you can earn from this campaign. Your earnings are calculated by the number of interactions you receive on each campaign.

How Do You Earn?

♥ When a campaign is posted on your social media account, you’ll earn money for the first 7 days the campaign is posted.

♥ Each time a person likes your campaign, makes a comment, you’ll earn money from the company.

How Are You Paid?

*Payment method varies between countries.

For Singapore users:

♥ You can earn $5 to $150 for each campaign you post on your social media site.

♥ After 7 days, the company will post your earnings in your account.

♥ You can withdraw your earnings at any time, subjected to a 5% transaction fee as Xfers is used to transfer the money to your bank account.

Download the app now https://partipost.app.link/BAohpohtin_ and let's earn together on social media