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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Borntaker, May 13, 2011.

  1. Borntaker

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    Hi mummy to b,

    do u intake papaya? i love eating papaya lik once a wk. Nw i'm in my wk 34. I ve consulted Dr b4 whether can eat papaya n he gv e green light. But i'm afraid whether m i eating too much as one small papaya per wk. I'm afraid wil lead to serious jaundice. In my pregnancy i only experienced twice constipation which i kw is a problem to most pregnant woman. Mayb due to intake of fruits, esp papaya that y i seldom ve constipation.
  2. pipilili

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    alot of us are mistaken......papaya will not cause jaundice. Go ahead and take...I take it every week. My dad is a papaya fan!! he buys it every week. I eat it to prevent constipation. :001_302:

    Ginger cause jaundice.
  3. Borntaker

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    Reali?? thks pipilili for e info.. it eases mi.. Nw i can cont to eat my papaya...


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