EBM to give away


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Hi, I am a healthy (avid marathon runner before baby was conceived) non-smoking new mummy, my son was born mid November 2012.
I have in excess of 12 litres of frozen EBM from mid November 2012 to mid January 2013 to give away.
During my pregnancy and confinement, I always had healthy balanced meals (did not consume ginger, Chinese alcohol or herbs).
I take my pregnancy and maternity multi-vitamins, calcium, probiotics and DHA supplements daily.
I was blessed with an over supply and my son was not able to finish all the breast milk.
I am extra careful in the hygiene and storage of the EBM, I would only store and keep what I would feed my own son.
Hope I can help some mummies and babies out there with the milk supply.
For self-collection from my home in Katong.


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hi mummies, i have a supply of EBM pumped in Jan & Feb 2013 to give away. stored in bags of ~150mls each, pumped in a single session. initially intended them for my baby when i go back to work, but now i'm extending my no-pay leave, so won't be using them. interested pls PM me. thanks