Eczema!! Please!!!


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Hi I’m not sure if your girl is still facing this issue, but if you do, I do have 2 products from a Friend I know. Can link you up if you’re interested.


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If anyone comes back to this thread for advice I had a family member with eczema and we would put his hands in gloves so that when he would scatch it wouldnt be as bad. And bathing in a little bleach did help but that's more for if the eczema becomes infected you also only use a little bit of bleach you don't want to put to much or it could be bad.


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Hi Mummies,

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first of all you have to prevent scratching as much as possible since scratching can make the skin feel even more itchy? and it can also lead to open sores which can lead to skin infections. Keep your child's nails cut short. Wearing cotton gloves at night can also help


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And maybe this advice about bathing can help:
  • Add 1/2 cup of plain household bleach (sodium hypochlorite) OR 1/3 cup of concentrated household bleach to a full tub of lukewarm bathwater and stir the water to dilute the bleach. Make sure you use PLAIN bleach; splash-free or scented bleach products are not effective and could lead to more irritation.
  • If using an infant tub, use 2 tablespoons of bleach to a full tub of water.
  • Have your child soak in the bath for 10-15 minutes. Try to soak the entire body. Since the bath is like a swimming pool, it is safe to get your child's face and scalp wet as well. For babies and young children
  • Rinse the dilute bleach water off at the end of the bath and apply a moisturizer right away.


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Hello! I’m Shazz from Oriental Remedies Group (ORG), a leading patient-centred TCM group.

Managing kids with eczema is very challenging especially when they get bad flare-ups or continuous scratching due to inflamed skin. It will require constant monitoring and trying out different approaches to distract them from aggravating their skin any further. Be patient okay!

You can try some of these tips at home if it helps:

- For eczema kids, some will choose to use either oatmeal baths or breast milk to help in skin recovery and relieve itchiness. More of a natural therapy.
- Taking lukewarm baths
- Use milder soaps
- Wearing only cool or light clothing so as not to aggravate the skin.
- Apply moisturizer/cream from time to time
- Wet Wraps. It helps to rehydrate the skin and make medications soak in more effectively too

Here’s a very useful article that highlights the different eczema conditions and even provides a comprehensive list of helpful tips and solutions for the different types and symptoms of childhood eczema. Give this a good read:

Hope this helps~