EDD April 2013..cont


Hi. I have new Moses basket, My Brestfriend nursing pillow, Avent single electric breast pump and various maternity wear to let go. Pls MSG me if interested.
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Haha shld be ok LAH, Im just worried these chemicals may be absorbed into the bloodstreams and it's not good for the baby... But coming to think about it, shouldn't be the case la... Mani/pedi is harmless bah... Anyway it's on the nails and nails are dead skin cells...

Jus wana ask all mummies, how much plain water do you drink everyday? How much is enough? Do all of you really drink the recommended 8 glasses. Frankly speaking, i only drink like a cup or two everyday especially now that I'm home I dont really bother. Plain water in room temperature makes me gag... But I'm kinda worried that it will have adverse effects on the baby, becuz I have had nosebleeding twice and my cough isn't getting better... Isit true that if we doNt drink enough water, we won't have enough amniotic fluid in later stages?


heyo autumnfall.. i drink abt 6-8 glasses per day.. inclusive milk.. i think shld be okie rite.. i think when pregnant..we r prone to UTI..nt sure if its true.. therefore, i keep reminding myself to drink water...but when i drink my 1st cup of water in morning..i puke.. duno why too.. its been tat way since i realise i m pregnant :(


Hi all,

I'm new here. so many questions to ask but don't know where to start. It's my first pregnancy and I'm quite lost. I'm 15 weeks pregnant now, just went to the gynae yest. Did a blood test but doctor didn't mention oscar test. But while doing the usual scanning doctor did tell me that baby's spine, nasal bone, etc all ok. Should i ask doctor for oscar scan?

Anyway baby was very cooperative, opened legs wide wide, doctor confirmed it's a boy. Started buying baby clothes already. lols. I think if it's a girl I would become bankrupt even before baby arrive. hehs.

Any of u have rashes on your tummy? I have been using Bio Oil on my legs even before pregnancy. Starting from week 7 I alternate between Bio Oil and Clarins Tonic Oil on my tummy and butt. but about 3 weeks ago (abt week12) I started getting bad rashes on my tummy. Doctor confirmed it's not PUPP, said it's delayed allergy reaction and asked me to stop using the stetchmark stuff. Since he said the rashes would not affect baby, I wanted to continue using cos I told him rashes would go away, but stretchmark would stay forever. He told me, " there's NOTHING you can do to prevent stretchmarks". Don't feel like believing him in case next time regret for not trying, but I think he can't be far from wrong with like 30ish years experience. Since yest night I stopped using the oil and the itching subsided..in a dilemma now, whether to try other stretchmark oil or not.

Hi autumnfall, I've been drinking very very little plain water. 500ml a day at most. I used to drink quite a lot of water but now it makes me feel like puking, can only sip a little at a time. Worse still, now only like to drink coke, ice coffee and ice tea. but i limit my ice coffee/tea intake to one cup a day. So far my gynae quite chill, never forbid me from drinking them.. Actually can feel my body is dehydrated, dry mouth etc.. I just hope in a few weeks I would start to like to drink water again.


Hi girls!

Are any of you exercise freaks before this pregnancy? I used to run every 2 days and gym too and now due to sickness and cramping, I had to stop. Do you know if I can go back to running in tri 2?

Hi alaq,

I'm new here..just saw your earlier post. I used to exercise a lot too..was feeling so constraint during first tri. Now starting tri 2, thinking of jogging a little. How many weeks preg are you now? started any exercises?


Hi girls!

Autumnfall, I drink about 1 liter of water everyday... I don't want to drink too much because I get water retention and so I have to control... But I am sure u drink other kinds of fluids too right? Main thing is not to get dehydrated which can cause headaches.

Cheshire, welcome and congrats on the baby boy! I have been back to the gym doing weights and cycling. I am going to try the elliptical machine tomorrow and as for jogging, maybe in another 2 weeks because I am not even 14 weeks along yet. :)

Piglet, I found out why I annoying. There was a "leftover" virus from a cold I was nursing last week (I didn't bother to visit the doctor as it went away he next day) and the virus is causing all the head throbbing and nausea. Doc gave me meds and I feel a lot better from yesterday. I guess my immune system was not strong to fight a minor cold! :(


hi all...i try zumba and pilate.. i use youtube search for the workout.. zumba abt 50mins workout.. pilate abt 30mins.. i feel its effective.. at least i feel more alive :001_302:


alaq, you cycle on those stationery bikes with back support? Which gym do you go to? I used to go amore but they kinda don't want me there now that i'm pregnant. They advised me not to go to the gym..hmms. Maybe I'll buy my own weights to work out at home.

belz, thanks for the suggestion. will go youtube and look for pilates and yoga workout for preggies.


Cheshire - Welcome! Lucky you!! I wish I knew the gender of mine! Re your rashes - could it be because you alternate the cream? Maybe you should try just using one on a small test area first? Our skin could be more sensitive during pregnancy too...

Alag - Great to hear you're doing better! :)

Autumnfall - I don't drink much too...maybe abt 1l a day at most...


piglet, thank you :) actually knowing the gender just makes the shopping easier..that's all. hope u'll know yours soon!

I apply the oil to my tummy, butt and breast, but only tummy got rashes. I'll just stop applying anything first. Pray that would have no stretch marks. looks like no one else has this problem. lucky mummies!


Cheshire, I use both bikes with and without back support. I go to Pure Fitness. In fact, I am goin back to personal training with my trainer in 2 weeks, better to have an expert guide you during this period.


Hi Mum-to-be,

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Hi fellow mums!

It's been so long since I last logged in. I'm now into 15 weeks, EDD April 5 :)

I hope to know the gender soon, too. Next gynae appt on Oct 26, hope bb cooperates and sits still.

I've been reading up a lot on breastfeeding and how to continue expressing milk when i go back to work after 4 months of maternity leave. One of the good books (it's been well-reviewed by mums all over the world) you can get is:
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (La Leche League International Book)By Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Teresa Pitman


I've also been asking around my friends who gave birth these few years. According to them, those who successfully breastfeed or express milk the longest eg. 1 year use breast pump brands Medela or Ameda.

Just to share some info I found out about these two brands of breast pumps. Both are good, but Ameda is much lower in price. Also, Ameda is what they call a 'closed system' - which means the breast milk expressed will never enter the pump motor or backflow into the tubes connected to pump motor. But Medela, although it has excellent technology, is not a closed system. Which means some mums have reported mould or old dried bits of milk in the tubes and where the pump motor is!

Just my input, since I'm researching into this area now.

I found that Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group in Singapore sells nursing equipment and accessories at a good price. Even if you join as a member, the price is quite good. I might buy the Ameda Lactaline from them and join their membership - also so I can get some support when I start breastfeeding in future.

Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group (Singapore) - Nursing Products Pricing


Also, now that we're into our 2nd trimester, one of the top tips given by a young a mum which I have found useful is this - she regretted reading a lot about pregnancy and not enough about how to care for the infant once he/she is born. The books she bought were 90% about pregnancy, and 10% on caring for an infant.

So... it's best to read up now before the craziness begins when the child is born :)

Haha, I'm just starting now. Other books I'm reading is Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo, as well as The Happiest Baby On The Block by Harvey Md Karp. Oh, and I found out that What to Expect: The First Year by Heidi Murkoff is a classic. You can buy these books cheaply on Online Book Store | Buy Books with Singapore's Lowest Prices - Fishpond.com.sg, free shipping internationally and lower in price than most local bookstores. This is where i usually buy my books.

Do share your resources, ladies! :)




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Dear All, I am new here... I have also did oscar checkup last week. Doc said low risk (1 in 800) but neck thickness is 2.8mm which is abit thick. May have breathing prob... but will do a detailed scan at 20 weeks on the organs. :( Hope will be fine.
Hello Cheshire!!! Congrats in ur new boy!!! My baby is extremely uncooperative everytime I go to the gynae, u are so lucky to knw the gender so early oh ya think ur skin may be allergic to the stretchmark cream, try another brand, maybe a milder brander would help. I'm using Elancyl and I only apply once a day... But I do agree that stretchmarks are hereditary/genetic, lol but then again, better be safe than sorry la.. I still apply them daily...Wow.. Ynove, welcome and thanks for sharing. I'm currently reading 'what to expect when you are expecting'. Sis bought it for me... Oh what do we need a Jamu massage lady for? My confinement lady would be my mother lol...I haven't been drinking enough water and this morning I have nosebleed, glad to know that most of u are like me, unable to swallow water. Let's try together ya? Now I armed myself with water wherever I go and I jus sip every 30 mins or so... Today I managed to drink like 4 glasses of plain water, happy la!!! Great improvement lol...