EDD Feb 2013

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mummy' started by kimyen, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. kimyen

    kimyen Member

    Hi everyone,

    Anyone due in Feb 2013?

    Share yr experiences here.

    Myself, 3rd pregnancy and EDD is 9th Feb 2013 (Self calculation).

    Will be going KKH for 1st appt on 6th Aug 2012.
  2. yanzi82

    yanzi82 New Member

    Hi! I edd 22nd Feb. Cny period.. 1st bb , so excited...
  3. chantal yeong

    chantal yeong Member

    hi my edd 21 feb 2nd child. 1st is 13mth girl. will b gg to dr gordon tan for 1st check up next sat
  4. kimyen

    kimyen Member

    So sad ... I got bleeding yesterday ... Went to KKH 24 hrs clinic.
    They didn't confirmed it as miscarriage and wanted me to further check my blood test reading after 48 hours again.

    Accordingly to doctor, she didn't see any pregnancy inside my womb.
    She claimed may be too early or ...

    Asked me to go back on the 27th June 2012 to confirm again.

  5. chantal yeong

    chantal yeong Member

    Hi Kimyen, don't be too negative yet. Be happy think happy tots, ever consider going for a second opinion then KKH? Why wait till 27 June? Still having bleeding? or is it spotting? Take care dear.

    My 1st pregnancy I got spotting on my 1st tri and 3rd tri but still deliver a healthy baby, so remember think happy tots:)
  6. kimyen

    kimyen Member

    I went KKH last night and took a blood test and was asked to repeat it on Wed.

  7. chantal yeong

    chantal yeong Member

    Hope everything will be fine, keep us updated. God Bless
  8. kimyen

    kimyen Member

    I will, thanks : )

  9. twinkiejoy

    twinkiejoy New Member

    Hi all, #1 for me. EDD should be 19 Feb so joining this thread!
  10. l0r3tTa

    l0r3tTa Member

    hi, just tested positive with home preg test.
    Self calculation, should be in Feb 2013 too. My 2nd kid.

    Great to walk this journey with the other mummies too.

    Which gynae are you seeing?
  11. kimyen

    kimyen Member

    Congratz to all mummies

  12. kimyen

    kimyen Member

    Sad news ... Wouldn't be in this anymore

  13. chantal yeong

    chantal yeong Member

    hi kimyen, don be despair, don give up. Maybe it's not time for your new child to come to u. Do take care n have a confinement done now so your body will be prepared for the new baby. God bless
  14. chantal yeong

    chantal yeong Member

    Hi there, im seeing dr gordon tan at gleaneagles. how abt u?

  15. l0r3tTa

    l0r3tTa Member

    Hi Chantel,

    I am seeing Dr Chen Chern Yi at Punggol, she delivers at Mt A or TMC. I will go back to Mt A. :)

  16. mairo

    mairo New Member

    Hi , am maryam my edd is 4 feb 2013. Anyone close to m date? Wanna share what you feel. Am always in and out of my bed.
  17. Fioray

    Fioray New Member

    Hi... I'm Fio... 1st trial miscarriage @ 7weeks in Feb'12... Have move on and tried again, so new bb edd 24-Feb, going for first gynae checkup this coming Fri...
  18. Kimjames

    Kimjames Member

    Hi all, my edd is 7th feb at NUH. 1st check up at NUH tmr. How is everyone feeling during their 1st trimester? I'm feeling really down, very nauseated, bloated, heartburn.. :(
  19. mairo

    mairo New Member

    Hi dear I feel just the same way with you. I feel bloated so bad and very uncomfortable, nausea , but can't get to throw up . These is so different from my first baby. I hardly can do anything at home. The good thingnis a have a house help who does all the house work and my younger sister is helping with my personal business. So I know what every expecting mma is feeling right now. I just need to talk to someone who is going through what am going through rite now. My pregnancy was from ivf, so am thinking is these the way ivf pregnancy result to? Because my first baby was natural.

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