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Hi anyone giving their bb dumex infant formula?
Just like to get some feedbacks whether any issues with it.
Was wondering why it was so cheap at $12.80 only...hmm
I see other brands like similac cost around $40+ for the same quantity...

Hihi! As my boy is constantly hungry (since because he's a boy maybe), i supplement him with the Dumex Dulac. Actually, if u were to see the contents of the vitamins and minerals available, its almost the same as the other brands. One of the pricing factor might be because of its branding. Also, i believe that if an infant formula sold in singapore should be well certified and approved by health authority. so, fret not. :D


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hi mummies,

i have a few questions to ask...

do you wait for baby to cry before feeding him? Or when you see him pouting?

do you carry him immediately when he cries? Any disadvantages of letting baby cry for too long? i hope not to let baby get used to carrying so i try not to carry....

baby keeps on getting hiccup… is this normal?
My mom is taking care of my boy and very often scolds me for nursing him late. hee. usually, the feeding time should be 3 / 4 hourly depending on your baby's appetite.

Crying, usually, i will leave him down so that i can do other things around the house. However, if his crying is like a sobbing, those cries where usually shrilly and scary, i will comfort him. According to the old belief, its not good to let your baby cry too long, esp for boys as it may affect their penis (don't know if its true or not!) Also, if u allow them to keep on crying, baby will relate crying to mummy carrying. so to avoid such situations, do tend to your baby as soon as you can. if not, u may talk to him/her in a loud voice so that he/she knows that you are around.


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any mummies wanna buy cereal or supplements from iherb? it's cheaper than sg.
iherb having free international shipping now with discount code XEB299. There is also $5 off first purchase

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okiedog is have 30% sale for 2011 series bag . very good come with bottle holder with insulation, PEVA changing matt with antibacterial treatment ,matching accessory bag,clipix hooks to attach the bag on strollers

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