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Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mummy' started by Yonghui, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Yonghui

    Yonghui New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby and new to this forum, thought I would start a new thread for all mummies to be in Jan 2012, hope to learn together and share experiences with more mummies here!

    Just saw Dr WK Tan at TMC yesterday and saw my baby moving and it's pulsating heartbeat, so magical! looking forward to the end of my first trimester and regaining my energy and appetite! (have lost nearly 3 kg due to nausea & poor appetite)

    How about the rest? Do share any symptoms or happy experiences you have =)
  2. charlottetan

    charlottetan Member

    congratualation!=D my edd is not in Jan 2012 but sept 2011.=) welcome to mummysg and hope you learn n gain experience in this forum=)

    first trimester is like this de. after ard 4 month plus you will get better=) jia you. n rmb ur folic acid=D
  3. Spreema

    Spreema New Member

    Hi Yonghui

    I'm 10 weeks from tomorrow, also with my first baby :) Saw my bb's heartbeat at 6 weeks and was overjoyed.
    Have nausea but no vomitting but appetite changes accordingly, sometimes very good appetite (in the mornings), sometimes no appetite during dinner time. I think I gained weight though! Pants cannot wear and starting to look at buying maternity clothing online!

    EDD is 4th Jan 2012, haven't choosen any hospital yet but my gynae Dr Choo Wan Ling is in Gleneagles.

    Also looking forward to my 2nd trimester! Cheers!
  4. SerenaBB

    SerenaBB New Member

    hello, I should be Jan 2012 Mummy.
    waiting for my first checking next week with Dr Tham.
  5. Yonghui

    Yonghui New Member

    Thanks Charlotte! and welcome the other mummies!

    Btw anyone ever got prescribed Utrogestran? Supposed to stabilise the pregnancy (cos I had some brown discharge) and was given this. But worried if there would be any longer term side effects..
  6. wyby

    wyby New Member

    Good morning, everyone. I am new. So glad to be here and nice to meet you all here:)
    May I ask you which brand of folic acid are you taking now? I am taking the Blackmore bought from Guardian. It contains 500μg folic acid. Does it equal to 0.5mg? Is it ok?

    Thank you ! Take care.
  7. dmunadi

    dmunadi New Member

    Hi to all the mummies!!

    Im in my 10 weeks now. My EDD is 1 Jan. Have been feeling evening sickness for my first trimester, but still bearable so no complain :) Best of luck for all the mummies!!
    Whats the average gain usually for the 1st trimester?

  8. Yonghui

    Yonghui New Member

    Hi wyby,

    Yup i think 500μg folic acid= 0.5mg, if u want to be sure, can bring it to your gynae to confirm, that was what I did =)
  9. venusmama

    venusmama New Member

    hi everyone!

    Expecting my first child. into 11th week. edd on 6 jan. really excited. just learnt how to cope with my morning and everning sickness.....What an experience!
  10. Happy MTB

    Happy MTB Member

    Hi all mummies,

    Am into my 10 weeks. EDD is 3 jan :) am with dr tham at thomson medical. its really amazing to see baby heartbeat and i could see my bb moving during my previous visit!;) its a wonderful experience, enjoy this process all mummies!:) looking forward to second trim too!:001_302:
  11. Tiggee

    Tiggee Member

    Hi, I'm from july 2011 thread! Just want to let you know that dr tham is great! But keep your babies small or he'll start nagging at you. Hahahas.
  12. Happy MTB

    Happy MTB Member

    hi Tiggee, yah, i had a friend who is with dr tham, she also got nagging from him because of the size of her big baby..haha..
  13. nuramima

    nuramima New Member

    My EDD is mid Jan 2011 and am already looking forward to a break from Christmas onwards. I do not have morning sickness but once I reached week 9, my body is extremely fatigue. No sleep is enough. I am constantly hungry but feel full after a 10 spoonfuls or even 5! So i have accepted to go on with smaller meals and eat a bout 6 times. So there is weight gain for me.

    As for my gynae, I am looking for a switch and wonder if there are any good and gentle gynaes at Thomson Medical. Someone who can guide through me and my husband as this is our first baby. :001_302:
  14. Happy MTB

    Happy MTB Member

    Hi Nuramima,

    I only startred to feel really nasea about 9 weeks. I wonder why so late. omg..i am also very hungry, sometimes have to wake up in the middle of the night to bite something. & couldnt eat much either, the bloatness is super uncomfortable. Am with Dr Benjamin Tham at Thomson medical. He is very nice and patient. Feel comfortable with him, you may want to consider?
  15. nuramima

    nuramima New Member

    Hello Happy MTB,

    Thank you for sharing. I just needed to ate tartar sauce last night so i called for Mac'D at 1am! ahahah!
    I am more comfy with female gynae. Do you have any recommendations?

    Hope all is well for you :)

  16. Tiggee

    Tiggee Member

    I also got nagging from him cos baby almost 3 kg at 35 week. -.-
  17. Happy MTB

    Happy MTB Member

    hmm how about adelina wong? inititally i wanted to take her but she is taking leave during december. so i scared she not around when i labour. Oh ya, you also Jan mummy, hmm, another one i knew is WK tan, (zoe tay) gynae, she is v popular but have very long queue and she is very old now heee (up to individual preferences la :D).but she is very skilful and heard my friend said she is very motherly.:) For female i only know these 2 that are more popular. Maybe you would like to read other thread in this forum about gynae? or your friend any recommendation?
  18. Happy MTB

    Happy MTB Member

    Hi Tiggee,

    wow my friend too! I think her is below 3kg but also got nagging from Dr Tham wahaha. Hope everything is alright for you now? and your big day is coming soon!
  19. Tiggee

    Tiggee Member

    WK Tan is very famous and popular. But her charges are also very high. She really is quite old already. But lots of ppl say her stitching is very good.
  20. Tiggee

    Tiggee Member

    My baby is big cos I got gestational diabetes. I will be seeing him next tues. If really very big, I think I may ask to be induced at week 38. Don't want baby to get stuck or any weird complications.

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