EDD March 2013


Hi Mummies,

i'm from EDD Sept 2012 Mummies group. My baby just turned 1 yo. I still have 5 tins of Dumex Mamil Gold Preci-Nutri HA Step 2 Formula (Expiry : 27.9.2014) and would like to sell them away. I'm thinking of selling them away at $16 per tin (Retail is $20+). Total : $80 for 5 tins. Please let me know if you're interested! Collection at Tiong Bahru area or contact me for location. Thanks!



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We are selling goodie bag. Please check us at our Facebook party goodie bag https://facebook.com/PARTYGOODIEBAG and All items displayed are in stock. Free personalised tag if you order before Mar 2014 (include message and your baby's name). We will be glad to help you to celebrate your baby one year old party. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Anddd.. Enjoy motherhood!


Hi mummies

I have 2 tins of Mamil Gold Stage 2 900g and 1 tin of Mamil Gold Stage 2 400g for sale.

Basically the expiry date for the 2 tins of Mamil Gold Stage 2 900g is 12 Dec 2014 while the expiry date for the Mamil Gold Stage 2 400g is 27 Nov 2014.

PS: You will be getting what you are seeing now.

Letting all 3 tins at $70.

Self collect at my house- Bt Panjang (Fajar).

If you are interested, pls contact me at 8684 5660 directly.