EDD May 2012 Mummies!

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mummy' started by peaberry, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. peaberry

    peaberry New Member

    Hey ladies, I know it's still early but anyone due in May 2012 and want to hang out on this board? Just got the confirmation from my doc this morning after taking six positive home pregnancy tests! Am due on 9th May 2012. Really cautiously excited and hoping to meet other May mums-to-be!
  2. desi

    desi New Member

    Hey babe! I just went to the doc this morning to confirm my pregnancy and my EDD is 1st May 2012, Labour Day! :)
  3. peaberry

    peaberry New Member

    Congrats babe!!! Are you so excited? Hope to have more May mummies joining us soon!
  4. lsy

    lsy Active Member

    Hi mummies to be,

    If u are looking for maternity support belt, do pm me as I have a preloved mothercare belt to let go. Used 3 times only as I have left it in my mom's house in kl.
    White color with adjustable Velcro. Can be worn discreetly under clothing.

  5. SKII

    SKII New Member

    Hey there! Just found out 3 days back- expecting mid May! Haven't even zeroed in on a doc yet! Most folks recommend going to the doc after 6 weeks or more. Wondering what to do! Any suggestions for gynae?
  6. peaberry

    peaberry New Member

    Heya! Congrats and welcome! :) Is there any hospital that you're eyeing? I know it's really early to think about that but you could start your search from there? I'm seeing Dr Lai from Camden Medical Centre and he goes to any hospital. I've yet to decide on one.
  7. Smurfete

    Smurfete Member


    Hello all.... My EDD is 2nd May. This is my first, so i simply have no idea which gynae should i go to, when do I need to buy maternity clothes etc
  8. Suhaidah

    Suhaidah Member


    I just found out that i'm pregnant too :) EDD = May 2012 maybe around Mid/early.
    Weirdly not feeling any morning sickness or any other symptoms other than maybe nausea occasionally and fatigue.

    Is that normal?
  9. peaberry

    peaberry New Member

    Congrats!!! Hehe sometimes symptoms don't show up till later, say 8 weeks and beyond. Some lucky few women have symptom-free pregnancies. So it's all perfectly normal, not to worry!
  10. Suhaidah

    Suhaidah Member

    Thank you! Feel much better. My gynae is Ms Esther NG. She goes to Gleneagles, Eastshore or Mount E. Went for my first pre natal a week back, did the scan and cld see my waterbag but i think bb is too small to be seen so she has adviced me to come back in 2 weeks to see little bb. Hopefully, can see him/her knocking ard there. :)
  11. izanyzam

    izanyzam Member

    Hello mummies..happy to join this group in expecting my 3rd baby..according to a KKH gynae,my EDD is 05/05/2012 (same birthdate as my 2d son.!!)..i am abt 6weeks along..during d scan last week,we cld see d baby and his/her heartbeat..after my visit to KKH,i hv decided to go back to my own gynae Dr.Paul Tseng of Thomson medical centre..he has delivered both of my sons..hv scheduled an appt with him on tuesday d 20thsept..

    Anyways hope to hear frm u ladies soon..!! :001_302:
  12. arielc

    arielc Member

    hello fellow May 2012 mummies!

    my gynae hasnt been able to nail down an EDD cos it's still too early, but likely to be early/mid may.. :)

    i've been feeling really tired and always hungry... anyone else in the same boat?

    in the meantime, everyone take good care of ourselves!
  13. princessyuki

    princessyuki New Member

    Hi there, i've got a few stuffs to let go asap as i'm clearing space.

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  14. florence_coey

    florence_coey Member

    Hi may mummies, im a Sahm for 2 yrs now, blessed with no 2, Edd 7 may. Nice knowing you ladies.
  15. bleeeee

    bleeeee Member

    Hi all!!

    Just saw the doc last week, my EDD is 2 may! :)
  16. Smurfete

    Smurfete Member

    Hi bleeeee,

    We have the same EDD. Is this your first baby?
  17. bleeeee

    bleeeee Member

    Yes, it is! Have you decided on your gynae? Seen e doc?
  18. Smurfete

    Smurfete Member

    Saw a doctor who recommend me a good gynae. The earliest appointment that I could make with the gynae is next month.... so late. But she assured me it's ok
  19. bleeeee

    bleeeee Member

    We were a little anxious so we saw the doctor last week :p next appointment 4 weeks later. My other mummy friends said no need to see so early also (sometimes too early can't see anything! But we were fortunate to hear the heartbeat already!) but really up to the individual :)

    I can't wait to shop for baby stuff! Haha! Have you experienced any symptoms? I'm always tired! :(((

    Think boobs are growing bigger too coz bras r tight! Hard to breathe! Am thinking of buying new bras this wkend....
  20. Smurfete

    Smurfete Member

    Hi Bleeeee,
    Congratulation! Yeah, many a times I almost bought the baby stuff. Problem is we dunno if its a boy or girl. The unisex colors like white, yellow, green are not as attractive to me as the pink and the blue.
    I just started my morning sickness last week.... I rejoice too early, thinking I din gena the puke town. Still manageable without literally merlioning, but just dun like the queasy feeling. I invested in a new set of bra yesterday too.

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