EDD May 2012 Mummies!

So cool! Im stuck with themes cos baby gal so many options.. haha
Agreed there are so many themes! And all so CUTEEEEEE! But once decided, everything will fall into place quickly. I kiasu start preparing now as I wanna DIY the decor. Ready made decor cost a bomb and it is not easy finding monster theme stuff in Spore. By monster, I dont mean cookie monster :p

Pinterest has a lot of good ideas if you wanna DIY. Some stuff I am doing.. hope I am not going overboard.. haha

Monster bunting around buffet table
Monster place card for writing buffet food name
Monster box for putting cutleries
Backdrop made of crepe streamers
Bean bag throwing game
bowling (used coke bottles)
Monster coloring sheets

Still trying to source for suitable party favors though... nothing suitable so far :(

mama mel

Dear mommies.. Those with baby girls, can check with u if they r still crying at night and if u need to carry n rock to sleep... I'm still doing so for my gal.. :(


New Member
hi mama mel

my baby girl doesn't cry at night and has been able to sleep for at least a few hours at a stretch since 8mth (4hrs to be precise). she still needs to suckle at night (like 11pm and 4am) but doesn't wake up crying. maybe you can share your girl's sleeping time and sleeping duration. naptimes too. to see if she has been getting sufficient sleep?

mama mel

Hi butt8rfly.
Now that shes bigger sometimes she only naps once a day.
So she goes to bed around 8ish. I do dream fed her at 11pm and 4-'6am.
Her problem is from birth. She doesnt slp tat easily. Alot of crying den i have to carry . Sing song den slp. Nw tat she is gg to be 12mths..i think i shld stop that...


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if your girl has been able to sleep more than 4hrs at a stretch, i think she shld be on the way to sleeping longer. maybe you can try to pat her before she wakes up from crying? i do find that if mygirl hasn't been eating much in the day, she tends to want milk in the middle of the night. what i am doing for this week was simply to offer a bottle just around her bed time. she has porridge at 7pm plus and then i give her a bottle again around 9plus (if she still actively suckling in her sleep).

i do carry and pat my girl till she falls asleep because that is the only time i get to hug her. but she has been pushing me off to sleep on her own after her tummy's filled up with milk. she rather sleep on the bed than have me carry her. after that she sleeps all the way. maybe you can try to give an extra bottle and see if she will fall asleep with a full tummy?

other things i find helpful:
dark environment (no night light)
no patting
bedtime routine (bath/wipe, bed time songs, change into pyjamas)
same bedtime/wakeup time, day in and out, inclusive of weekends
regular naps (30mins to 2hr) at same time
activities to tire our little one out in the day (swimming, go out in garden, learning to cruise/walk, general moving about)


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she drinks very little about 100ml to 120ml per feed. she's taking like 3 milk feed and 1 meal plus 2 tea breaks in school. at home 1 dinner and 1 milk. she's 11mths at around 8.5kg. very little but her meal portions are huge. more than average babies. like 1 bowl of porridge and 1 to 2 slice of bread type.
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